Column: Benefits of taking AP Classes in High School

Gisselle Garcia, News Editor

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You want to know a great way to get ready for college in high school… well it’s taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes. AP classes are the best way to help your child get ready for a college class and if they pass the AP test then with getting a better chance into a good college you can also be saving money. Many high school students are lazy these days and taking AP classes are the last thing on their mind, they don’t notice the benefits taking those classes are.

AP classes are offered in high schools, “for students to earn college credit while in high school.” As the College Board website says, AP exams began in the 1950s as a way for students to stand out on their college applications and a way to get them to grow stronger. The tests are offered in 34 subjects, which range from biology, psychology to art history and even studio art drawing.

Taking AP classes get students ready to what college classes and studies are like. In an article called The Benefits of Advanced Placement (AP) Classes by Suzanne Shaffer from she states, “Many students who enter college are shocked at the amount of work and study time involved. Taking AP classes in high school will prepare you for challenging college classes.” This gives students a good heads up for college because they will already have an idea of how college classes work.

However there are people who disagree with having students take AP classes. In an article called Pros & Cons of AP Classes on,“The classes are taught at a college level, which can create a lot of additional stress for high school students, who may already be feeling overwhelmed by preparations for college and the transition they are facing.” Even though this is true students don’t necessarily need to take so many AP classes they have about three years since freshmen year there isn’t opportunities for AP classes since they recently got into high school.

Passing the AP tests can help save money for students. AP tests are graded from a scale from 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. As Shaffer wrote in her Teen Life article, , “You will have the potential to graduate early from college, and will save thousands of dollars in tuition.”

Yesly Mejia, a sophomore at Haynes, said, “Taking the AP tests for a big amount of money and then probably failing is basically saying that you wasted money and time on AP classes and the tests, especially if the student is taking multiple AP tests.”

In an article called The Pros and Cons of Taking AP Classes in High School on the College Raptor website they state that even if you don’t pass the test, AP classes give you a better GPA’s and class rankings that, “Many scholarships and grants have qualifications that require a certain ACT/SAT score or GPA, and some even look for proof of academic excellence and rigor. AP classes are a great way to secure some extra aid.”

If your high school has AP classes I suggest you take advantage of them because they can really help you prepare for college, save money, and if you are lucky enough even graduate in four years or less from college.

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Column: Benefits of taking AP Classes in High School