Exclusive Interview With Mr. Lewis On The Dark Truth Of Ronald Reagan

Angel Henriquez, Sports / Politics

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Sean Lewis, the 11th grade Chemistry teacher at E.L. Haynes High School, grew up in the Reagan administration he also opposed the administration. He despised Ronald Reagan.

What’s your impression of President Reagan?

I’d say that under the Reagan Administration, there was a similar building idea of fear of people that are different, and a drive to…if we keep the people that are different down, then the nation will be stronger. That kind of nationalism based on xenophobia has really been detrimental to minorities in the past as it will be in this Trump era now.

Besides the slogan that he took directly from Reagan as his campaign slogan, he’s mostly just trying to get more base support through a very skewed version of being socially conservative so that minorities take the brunt of the damage. But the people who are seen as “real Americans” end up supposedly doing better, but in the long run, not doing better at all.

Do you think that Reagan would fit in with the current Republican Party?

I don’t think so, because the Reagan brand of economic needs and such would not comport with what they say they want now. So…Reagan as far as tearing down walls and Trump as far as building them up were at different times, but the ideology of that probably would have clashed with the current base of the current president.

How was it growing up in the Reagan administration?

I’d say there was lots of underlying racism in all parts of life, and the only difference now is that a lot of it is caught on tape and talked about more publicly. People were not called out as racist people before.

The War on Drugs. What’s your opinion on Reagan continuing and strengthening it?

So the War on Drugs has been a front for keeping minorities down and affecting black communities and Latino and Hispanic communities a lot more than anyone else. We were given harsher sentences for the same infractions as white counterparts, and you’re seeing that now under [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions as he’s trying to build that back.

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Exclusive Interview With Mr. Lewis On The Dark Truth Of Ronald Reagan