Everything, Everything is a Romance/Drama movie

Stephanie Mejia, Pop Culture Writer

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“Everything, Everything” is a dramatic romance film, with comedic elements. It was a great movie because it’s a different type of movie something I’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen a movie like this one. The movies I’ve seen always end badly at the end. It was a sad movie but overall it was good. The actors were amazing, they picked the best one for this movie.

In this movie, Maddy (Almada Stenberg) has an immune deficiency disorder. Because of this illness, Maddy has not been outside for 17 years. Olly (Nick Robinson) moves in next door and they fall in love.

That’s when things get complicated with Maddy. She takes many risks, some of which almost kill her. She starts to go to the ocean because it was the place she always wanted to go see, she’s only been there in her imagination.

The acting in this movie was really good. Olly (Nick Robison) was in “Melissa and Joey,” the show was a comedy. Very scandalous but love also happened in this movie. Nick was much younger in this show and he was funny on how he acted and his attitude. He also was funny on the way he acted and his jokes in this movie. And in “ Everything, Everything” he was funny too, which made the movie even better. He was comedic because of the jokes he would do and say to make Maddy laugh.

Maddy (Almada Stenberg) who played Rue in “ Hunger Games” she was also a good actor in this movie. In this movie, she played something different and it’s cool to see people play different things.

Maddy in the movie uses her imagination to help her “be” in places she wants to be since she actually can be there because of her illness. She taught herself to use her brain in this way which is pretty cool. Also, her doing this makes her feel as if she’s actually in that setting. All this makes the movie imaginative as well.

“ Everything, Everything” overall was a great movie. I recommend this movie to the people who love drama and romance. This movie is similar to “A Walk to Remember” because both of these movies are about love and how it can get powerful and make you do things you normally wouldn’t think about doing. Click here for the movie (Everything, Everything) trailer.

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Everything, Everything is a Romance/Drama movie