Haynes varsity soccer team wins 3rd place in Petworth Cup

Steven Alvarez, E.L Haynes sports writer

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Roosevelt Senior High School – The E.l Haynes boys varsity team won 3rd place in the 5th annual Petworth cup. This year the varsity boys went against Cardozo, winning 2-1 in a close match.

 After loosing 10-0 to Roosevelt at home for the same cup this did not allow the team to compete for first place like last year. After loosing 10-0 the team saw it as a learning opportunity.

“I think that as a team we communicated better and we made better plays better offence plays.” said Brayan Ramos a sophomore on the team.

During the game the team started with 9th grader Yohanes Melaku as goalie in the starting lineup. As everything was going well while saving a shot in minute 35 Yohanes got a injury on his hand, having to sub out for 9th grade goalie Eric Rayes.

After finishing the first half the score was 0-0. When 2nd half started the team went in strong with more energy. On a counter attack Carlos Gamez runs up the wing and sends a cross to Jonathan Guevara, Not being well covered he has enough space to shoot the ball in to make the score 1-0.

During the first 25 minutes of the second half Cardozo was trying there best to score but could not. After 25 minutes of the second half the referee had a water break for both team due to the hotness of the sun. When the remaining 15 minutes were ready to be played another goalie change was made Eric was subbed for Anthony Aviles.

Later in the game a defensive error was made with a hand ball granting Cardozo a penalty. The penalty was shoot and scored with only little time remaining.

On a counter attack the team managed to take some shoots being blocked by Cardozo but on a rebound Cody Wallace was there to score the goal. Making it 2-1 with less then 5 minutes on the clock. Defending at the best of their abilities. The referee blew the final whistle.

“We played a intense game and i feel like the team did good but as a whole we need to improve out defending skills and endurance.” Said Jonathan Guevara.

The team looks forward to win more then 3rd place in their up coming season.

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Haynes varsity soccer team wins 3rd place in Petworth Cup