Seniors First Time Retreat!

Emely Claros, Haynes News Writer

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The seniors had a retreat for their very first time to Sandy Hill Camp and Retreat Center in North East Maryland on September 20 and 21. Students only stayed for two days and one night.

Students had to arrive at 8 am at E.L. Haynes High School to get on the bus the school had provided to transport to the retreat. The school provided three school buses and had separated senior students in each bus based on advisory..

The bus ride to the retreat was nearly two hours to arrive to the retreat, although students used the time to play music and watch movies on the bus.

After the two hour ride to the retreat the buses arrived and students were separated into bunks and cabins. Boys were on the left side of the camp site in their own cabins and girls were on the right side of the camp site.

Everyone got the chance to bunk with whoever they wanted to bunk with and as well as choose which senior teacher or staff they wanted to bunk with.

Once everyone was in their cabin they had set up our sleeping bags on our bunks and had unpack and settled down.

When they were finished settling down we had went into our advisory groups and started on doing very fun outdoor activities including rock climbing, high rope courses, and much more rope activities.

Soon later on after the outdoor activities everyone were provided lunch in the cafeteria at the camp. For the first day we had pizza for lunch and then when dinner time came they were provided spaghetti.

After dinner the seniors sang karaoke and not only seniors had done the singing and dancing, but even the senior staff had participated which resulted in everyone having an amazing time.

Once karaoke was done everyone had went to the camp fire and of course do the best part of camping…s’mores! We [seniors] all sat outside and around the campfire and melt our s’mores and told stories.

Before heading off to the cabins and bunks the staff had close off the s’more activity with a few announcements.

Then we all left to our cabins and bunks and went to take nice cold showers before bed due to all the messy fun outdoor activities we had done a showered was needed.

Although the seniors were sleeping, a few of the senior staff had to stay up all night to watch over them and thanks to them for making sure we were safe and not eaten by bears during the night. It had finally become the next day and we all had got woken by staff at 7am and gotten all ready and freshen up.

Then we had all attend the cafeteria at the campsite and eat breakfast that was provided which was pancakes, sausage, vegetarian sausages, eggs, cereal, coffee, and as well as tea.

After breakfast we had attended clubs that you wanted to participate such as arts and craft, Latin dancing, hip hop and dance, board games, volleyball, and soccer. All these activities they could have participated in and as well as learn new things in dances and such.

Soon after the activity clubs the seniors had all went to our cabins packed up and hop on the bus to head back to the school.

Once they had got on the bus and arrived at the school everyone talked about how much fun they had and headed home.

The seniors may have not stayed for long even though they wanted to, but they still managed to have blast with making new friends, knowing more about everyone even staff, and learning new things to pass on in life. Hopefully the school will provide more retreats for the next year senior classes to come.

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2 Responses to “Seniors First Time Retreat!”

  1. Elvia Orellana-Mejia on October 24th, 2017 10:37 am

    1) I think the article was very detailed and gave everyone a clear image on how the days were spent there. I was at the senior retreat and it was so much fun.
    2)One question I had is, what was the funnest or memorable thing you did at the senior retreat?
    3)Emely could have focused on specific moment to make her experience more memorable.


  2. Daniela Ladino on October 24th, 2017 10:39 am

    This is good i like the way you talk about how long the retreat was.


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Seniors First Time Retreat!