NHD Project Giving the Sophomores an Advantage

Evelyn Hernandez, Haynes News Writer

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The National History Day (NHD) project is for sophomores from schools all around the country. They have to choose a topic to talk about that has happened in the past. Some students are working in groups and others are working individually. All the projects will be presented in the E.L. Haynes gymnasium on March 8. The students that have the best will present their projects alongside the winners from other schools across the country.The theme for the projects this year is “Conflict and Compromise”

Many believe this project would give the sophomores a better advantage because they are learning many new things about their topic and they are gaining new knowledge. They have the entire class period to look for more sources and plan.

“ This gives them an advantage to pick their topic, going in depth in something, similar to college, and good practice to get jobs.” said Mr.Cole, 10th grade US History teacher.

Many students are enjoying doing their projects and are learning new skills that they would be able to use in the future.

“ I learned how to do the annotated bibliography so when I do a report I would know how to cite and where I get my information from,” said Steven Alvarez, Sophomore doing the NHD project.

At the same time some are struggling to maintain the due date and because of that, their grades are low.

“I’m not enjoying it because of the grades because there is certain things you have to have done by the end of the each week and if you don’t got it done then you’ll get a F,”  said Steven.

Some students were having a rough start but they’re now doing better.

“ The three of us lack any drive to work on the project but were starting to work on our project and we’re focusing more on the project and paying attention in class ” said Diego Flores, Sophomore participating in the NHD project

The NHD project could really teach people new things throughout the process , some agree but some may disagree with this claim.

“The only skill was that I actually worked on a project and nothing else,” said Diego Flores

The project was overwhelming and stressful for some sophomores but overall it’s a good thing.

“ I feel like its a good thing for the school but its just being stretched out like to long and I feel the teachers are over complicating the project.”

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NHD Project Giving the Sophomores an Advantage