E.L. Haynes Senior Night Incident

Emely Claros, Haynes News Writer

On February 1st Thursday was a senior celebration for their last day of playing basketball and cheering for E.L. Haynes. However, the senior celebration night did not turn out as expected. The boys basketball team was playing that night against Capital City. The game was intense once the E.L. Haynes boys were winning and so Capital City got very upset with the fact of losing which led to a fight with everyone.

Capital City team saw that they were losing so they started making rude comments towards E.L. Haynes supporters and E.L. Haynes team players. Also, the cheerleaders from capital city were starting to throw cheers that let E.L. Haynes cheerleaders know they wanted to battle.

Victoria Nkop, a member of the cheer squad stated, “One cheer we threw out was ‘Sweat this team!’ Their stomps were louder, so it looked like they wanted to battle.”

She added, “They were bucking too. Capital City players did the “Come Getchu Some” cheer, and the cheerleaders were bucking.”

Tensions were running high throughout the game. Fans were exchanging looks and words that were emotional and heated. Some Capital City players were threatening to “smack” Haynes fans in the stands.

Then in the 4th quarter, things took a turn for the worse. Sorcha Harrison-Ramirez, a senior from E.L. Haynes stated, “Ramy made a layup but he got fouled. Everyone was screaming in the bleachers. And then people were on the court and everyone was fighting.”

However before everyone was fighting one team member from Capital City and E.L. Haynes player, center Cephas Robinson, got into an argument on the court. Capital City’s player was in his face and yelling at him. The two were going back and forth while Cephas was holding his hand up to show the ref he was not touching the other player.

Darell Nguele, a senior basketball player from E.L. Haynes, stated, “I was in a game and a player from capital city was talking trash throughout the whole game. As players, we were told to stay calm and ignore the other players which was very hard to do. The opposing team was losing by about 20 points and I believe this is where their frustration was coming from. We were on offense and capital city fouled us but we still got the bucket and everyone in the gym was hyped this led to a capital city player getting in the face of one of our players (Cephas) and that’s what started the fight.”

After the incident with all team players getting into an interaction including with el Haynes fans/supporters and those who came to watch the game and were on the bleachers. They all ran towards the middle of the court and all you saw was everyone involved with the interaction either hitting others or trying to get their friends away from the interaction.

After this incident had occurred we all thought it was over, but it wasn’t. Team players from caps started to grab on Darell and tackled him. He defended himself but his friends had also helped him to get released from caps player that were holding him down.

We contacted staff from Capital City High School to see their perspective on what they thought about the game incident. The assistant coach stated that the game was “getting out of hand” when the “refs were not calling typical fouls”. According to him, this allowed the game to “escalate in intensity and create the conditions for a fight to break out”. Also did not feel like it was appropriate for a “brawl” to break out between schools.

After this event, everyone had different feelings about the incident that happened that night. Mr. Jordan a 12th teacher from E.L. Haynes stated, “I thought it was very sad due to the fact it was supposed to be a night of celebration but instead turned into a night of hate and violence.”

He added, “Also we had parents who came to the event and had to witness their kids get involved in a situation like this.”

Others had different feelings. Lily Amuzie, a senior from E.L. Haynes stated, “I think it was good and bad thing cause it shows how much of a big community E.L. Haynes is because we look out for each other.”