Review:Blue Pearl serves underwhelming food

Darell Nguele

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I went to the Blue Pearl located in Silver Spring Maryland with my family for lunch on a Saturday. Parking around that area is not always the easiest but there are many places you can park if you come at the right time. My family and I went here because we just wanted to go to a place where we can eat whatever we want. Going in we understood, that this buffet may not be the best because of all of the empty seats we saw. In fact this may be one of the worst buffets in the DMV area.

To get in you have to pay $14 and we are a family of 5, which is fine considering it’s a buffet, but right after paying  you realize that this is not your ordinary buffet. My family and I scanned over the buffet and realized immediately how musty and dirty the place was and we realized that we had made a mistake. Everything just looked very old and overall unappetizing. Before realizing that the buffet wasn’t up to our standards visually we had already paid so we decided to give it a shot.

We started with the Asian section and there was a lot to choose from, most of it looked dry or just generally disgusting but we decided to give it a try I decided to try the sushi which was great, but then I moved to the meats and was very disappointed. I tried the orange chicken and white rice for starters and found myself chewing a piece of meat for about 5 minutes and later had to spit it out I then decided to try the mac and cheese and it was very watery it was not good at all. I look around the table to see if my family was enjoying the food and they weren’t, all of there plates had food pushed to the side or napkins covering their plate after seeing this I knew we made a huge mistake.

Overall, I think this place is a horrible place to come and eat especially if you want to feed your family appetizing food. If you want a clean and uplifting environment to eat at this is also not the place to go.

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