El Tamarindo is great for any occasion

Emely Claros, News Writer

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Have you ever wondered where to find a great Salvadoran and Mexican restaurant to celebrate any occasion?

Once you get to the El Tamarindo restaurant you see a brown and white building and outside lights hanging around there outside seating with wooden chairs. I say the place is a nice attraction to people. Also it comes with their own parking lot which is very convenient. It’s located in Adams Morgan on Florida Ave NW.

It’s a Salvadoran and Mexican restaurant. It’s a great place to celebrate family events and celebrations because it’s a appropriate nice space for children and family. Also the bar is separated by a wall so one side of the place is seating and other side is seating with a bar. They also have a kids menu.

However, the service was confusing due to the fact that i was served by three different people at three different times and did not understand why. The place was not very busy so I was confused on why our first waiter was not our only waiter.

Some people may enjoy this type of attention and help but I was confused by it but grateful as well.

The setting of the place is very nice and cozy with amazing art pieces.  Portraits of famous hispanic people like Frida Kahlo and Cesar Chavez hang in the dining room. Also they have outside seating with twinkly lights and comfortable wooden chairs.

The menu provide many great food options and drinks. The menu include breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. I went for my mom birthday and think its the perfect place for family events and special occasions.

I ordered from the brunch menu and got the breakfast pupusas, which i just have to say was great. The breakfast papusa is a pupusa of your choice topped with two sunny up eggs and side of plantains and pico de gallo.

We also ordered the house platter as an appetizer which is perfect enough to serve up to five people. It includes chicken taquitos, spicy chicken wings, nachos and much more toppings such as guacamole, salsa, and sour cream all on one plate.

Overall due to my experience i would gladly suggest this is a great restaurant to eat at and celebrate any type of occasion.

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