Opinionated Civil Rights Trip Reflection

Evelyn Hernandez, Haynes News Writer

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The best experience I had on the trip was when we met Ms. Joanne Bland and she took us around the neighborhood and talked about a house when. It was a pretty white house and she talked about how she took a group there before but when the tour guide was talking about the house and Ms.Bland said that she didn’t mention anything about slavery. This was inspiring for me because it teaches me how there’s always a story behind a story and that you’ll never get the entire truth.

I thought the trip was good overall. Although I think it could’ve been better in some areas because when we went to go see the group GHALR and Adelante, they basically spoke about the same things and like many people seem uninterested and bored hearing them talk but I didn’t enjoy the debriefs but it did help me learn some things I missed throughout the day. I liked when we were actually visiting the sights like the 16th street Baptist church, the Ebenezer Church and when we saw the memorials. It was a good experience and  I learned a lot of new things.

I also enjoyed the last day at Haley Farms because we were in our groups and we all had an issue that we had to resolve with a budget and we had to split the money between about 5 groups and the mayor decides the amount of money we earned. After the discussion, The man that was speaking had talked about how these issues are actually happening in our real life.

I liked when we go to visit the colleges because I truly enjoyed discovering more options as to where I want to go to college and I took Spelman into consideration. Also, I enjoyed when we went to the Center of Human and Civil Rights because I got to see a glimpse as to what the college student experience at the WoolWorth’s diner and it gave me a better understanding as to what they were going through.

Finally, the last thing I enjoyed was meeting Ms.Gratz because she was really nice and she spoke about her and her husband getting involved in the movement and being activist and the problems she went through. The most powerful was seeing Viola Liuzzo, a white woman who was killed by KKK for being seen in the car with a black man while driving to the march, gravesite and being on the highway where she was shot.

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