OPINION: Our Inspiring Forensic Science Trip to Museum of Natural History

Evelyn Hernandez, Haynes News Writer


Everyday once I get in the Forensic Science classroom, I walk up to the computer cart by the door and get my assigned computer, then I go get my forensic science textbook. Ms. Williams writes down the warm-up on the board and gives us about 10 minutes to complete it. Our warm-ups are questions related to a case. Right now, we’re studying the structure of human hair and how it can be traced back to a suspect. We’re also learning about bones and forensic anthropologists, people who study human remains, and how they relate to the solving the crime.

When Ms. Williams announced that we were going on a field trip, our curiosity took over; like good forensic scientists, we asked a lot of questions. We were excited because we do the same thing every day, and we were relieved that this trip would be a change.

On Tuesday, May 15, Ms.Williams’ first and half of her second period went to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. On this trip, we will get perspective on people that actually have a profession. We did many things in class that has helped with what we will do in the museum.

”You all looked at instructions , various techniques hair analysis, chromatographic, fingerprints, analyze various court cases that involve forensic techniques.” said Ms.Williams, Forensic Science and Geometry Teacher. 

We left at around 10 and we took the train there and we got off at Archives. When we got the museum, we went through a security check and then we quickly went over what was going to happen.

We split up in three groups with either Mr. C, Mr. Harvey, or Ms. Williams. I went with Mr. Harvey and we went to go explore around the museum and walk around.

“You will observed different artifacts and skeleton remain at the museum,” said Ms.Williams. After 40 minutes, we all met back at the entrance and we were going to enter the zone where we were actually going to the area where we looked at the bones.

I personally enjoyed the trip and the experience that came along with it because I saw many new things and learned many things by reading the signs. I think if I really wanted to. I could study this in the future and get more in depth with it.

“It allowed you to see what you learned in the classroom outside and help you peek your interests in other realms of forensics science such as anthropology,” said Ms. Williams.