This Is America Video Review


Sorcha Harrison & Emely Claros, Haynes News Writer

On Saturday, May 5, 2018 Musician/Writer/Actor/Comedian Childish Gambino A.K.A Donald Glover, released his new music video “This is America”. Just a week after the music video was posted on youtube it had over 100 million views. The video left people with many questions and interpretations.

The video starts with Gambino posing in a funny position while he shoots a black man in the back of his head. Then right after he walks away singing and dancing. The Washington Post stated that “He is dancing and posing like a jim crow caricature” when he shoots the victim. We believe he is posing in a funny way because  America is so numb to the fact that African American men are killed by each every day that it’s humorous to society now.


Also the Washington post “noticed how much care is given to the gun, not the victim.” Showing a more explanation of how even though America is killing each other it’s because we are giving more care to the gun and materials instead of people.


In TMZ Childish Gambino Aka Donald Glover was “Saying it’s not up to him to tell you what message to extract … so, figure it out yourself.” He knows his video is getting America and people to talk and we think it what he wants so he decides to not reveal any actual meanings.


The red cloth represents Republicans and also how red America values guns over human lives.


They also interpreted that the end of the video when he’s running it connects with the movie get out and the scene where they are in a black hole claiming it an African American mental prison called a sunken place. They did this specifically to say that African Americans are not actually “woke”


NBC news stated that “songs directly deals with race, gun violence, police brutality, and the concept of freedom in a chaotic world.” Also, him and dancing with the kids were used as a distraction to “interpret as how America gets easily distracted and moves on quickly after gun violence occurs.”


In the video, there’s a scene when he is dancing and a group choir singing in the back. Showing that the “shootings evoke imagery of terrorism, specifically the 2015 attack at a Charleston church.” Throughout the video

However, we would like to spoil anything to those who have not yet seen it themselves so feel free to go check it out!