Ella Mai deletes Jacquees version of “Trip”

Destiny Myers, Entertainment Editor

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Jacquees version of “Trip” has been deleted from Youtube and Soundcloud because it got more popular than the original version by Ella Mai. Ella Mai is an R&B artist from London, England, Ella Mai is signed to DJ Mustard’s label 10 Summers Records where she released three extended plays. Dj Mustard made made Ella Mai make Jacquees remove his version of the song “Trip” single from Youtube and soundcloud. The remix had 3 million streams on Soundcloud.

“Our artist don’t send cease desist, we do,” said DJ Mustard. “When you monetize content you don’t own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 summers.”

Jacquees is known for his remixes but he calls them quemixes and decided to quemix Ella Mai’s new song “trip” and also decided to to shoot a video for quemix, even before Ella Mai got a chance to shoot one. When people on social media heard about the news of Jacquees having to delete his quemix to trip lots of them started to drag Ella Mai in the comments. Some artists came to her rescue and defended her.

DJ Mustard’s real name is Dijon McFarlane, he is a American record producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, hype man and dj from Los Angeles, California. Dj Mustard is married to Chanel Dijon, and is a father to 2 children named Kylan and Kauner. Jacquees is a American-singer songwriter from Decatur,Georgia. he signed a recording and management contract with Cash Money Records.

“But he tried to make money off of it,”  says T-pain, an R&B singer. Jacquees replies to the tweet and said “no I didn’t lol hell you talm bout my brother I put it on SoundCloud and YouTube you know my game ain’t cap I love Ella,”

At E.L. Haynes High School, some students gave me their opinion about Ella Mai deleting Jacquees song. The people that was interviewed were Karen Zelaya, and Ariel Phipps,

“Yes, it was wrong for Ella Mai to delete the remix,” says Ariel Phipps, who is a junior. “She doesn’t want everyone to eat , she just wants to eat,”

“I honestly think it’s dumb, she shouldn’t be getting mad over a song,” says Karen Zelaya, a junior.  “Jacquees trying to eat too.”

As you can see the two students interviewed both said that Ella Mai was not right for her actions, because that’s hate and because everyone needs a seat at the table. Also people who were dragging Ella Mai is wondering how are they supposed to perform together and go on tour with each other if this situation is happening, on their tour they are stopping by Washington D.C. with other artist like Queen Nieja.

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