Pipe Bombs Sent to Democrats

Kevin Zalmeron, News Writer

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A man in Florida has been making homemade pipe bombs in the back of his van and has been sending them to Democrats all over the country. The man’s intentions are not known if the bombs were just a publicity stunt to get attention or if they were actually meant to explode, or even if the bombs could explode.

There were about 13 bombs sent out to Democrats starting with George Soros, who got one bomb sent to him which was intercepted on Oct. 22. The bomb was intercepted in New York at George Soros’ home.

On Oct. 23, Bill and Hillary Clinton received one bomb that was intercepted by the Secret Service before it could get to the Clinton residence in New York.

The next day, Barack Obama in Washington, CNN in New York, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Maxine Waters all received bombs. All these devices were somewhat similar to all the other devices that were recovered from around the country which meant that all the packages were all from a specific group or person.

Two of these bombs were sent the wrong address: one where John Brennan was supposed to receive the bomb that went to CNN but he doesn’t work there he works with NBC. Also, a bomb was sent to Eric Holder but had the wrong address and had a return address to Debbie Wasserman’s Florida office.

On Oct. 25, Robert De Niro received one device in his film company, Tribeca Productions, and Joe Biden receiving two in his mail facilities in Delaware.

On Oct. 26 Cory Booker and James Clapper were sent bombs that were intercepted by FBI, Kamala Harris received a bomb in a mail facility in California, and Tom Steyer received a bomb which isn’t known if it was from the same case but officials say that it’ll get added to the 13 that were already found.

“They need to get better security,” said 10th grader William Cortez. He wants the whole U.S to have a better system to be able to find dangerous threats around the world.

In order to strengthen the post offices security is by actually screening and checking the mail because investigators said that in the post offices there is no screening just because there is “too much mail” but even if there is to much mail it is better to keep everyone safe instead of having a possible threat like this again.

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