Lost as a team

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Lost as a team

Brayan Ramos, Sports Writer

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 On October 24, 2018 the E.L. Haynes varsity team took a big loss that really hurt. The varsity season started off bad but they improved over the season by coming 2nd and 3rd place in championships and playoffs.

In previous games, varsity was going on and off by winning, tying, and losing games and ended up with a record of 4-5-1.

Jennifer Buruca, a junior, said, “I have seen how they grew as a team, they practiced everyday and gave it there 100%. Also I feel for them because working everyday and losing at a semi final is not easy.”

Over time, varsity started to improve it showed in games, becoming strong as a team and placing 3rd in the Petworth Cup.

Senior Eli Gomez said, “As a player in this team I think we gave it all in every single game no matter if we lost or won, I’m sad because this is my last year playing with such a great team, I wish luck for them next year. Haynes forever!”

The important day came for varsity on October 24, playing DC International for a spot at the finals.

After the game, freshman Jency Mejia said, “ I don’t know how they lost at extra time, they were up 2-0, DCI caught up, and then it went to extra time where a player from DCI scored at the last dying moments of the game. When i saw the goal went in I was shocked my jaw literally dropped seeing most of the players from varsity crying.”

And that’s where it all went down for varsity last game of the season and a chance at the finals against Paul. Now, varsity has to wait until next year to play and become a better team than they ever were.

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