The Weather Effect

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The Weather Effect

Richarda Mckinney, Haynes News Writer

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E.L. Haynes – Last month at E.L. Haynes the temperature was in the high 80’s. Now this week in the morning, it’s in the low 40’s. The weather change affects many people in many ways because it tightens ligaments and joints, and can cause illnesses.

With the weather changing it gets darker faster and people probably didn’t adapt to the new sleeping schedule. Also daylight savings time can mess up your internal clock.

”The weather affects my sleeping pattern so now i get less sleep and have to wake up earlier,” said Ms. Smith, dean of culture.

The weather also affects people because it triggers people’s allergies, they get sick and commonly miss school or work. 66 million work day are lost each year to allergies and only 2 million are lost in school. Any given day 10,000 children miss school because of there allergies.

“One time I had bronchitis so bad I had to miss work so that it doesn’t affect my students,” said Mrs.Rudasill ,Spanish 3 Teacher

During  weather changes people often get sick due to the common cold. The estimate of 1 billion people catch a cold in the United States. Also, 22 million school days are annually lost in the United States due to the cold and 126 million work days are lost. This sickness does damage to needed school and work days.

When it gets cold it can caused inflammatory response in the joints.In my personal experience I had a recently fractured my foot 3 times and sprained my ankle on the same foot in june  and now i have started to have a lot of pain and troubles now that the weather gotten colder and is starting to get useless.

According to Abby Swell of the Merivale Hand Clinic, “Fluid around the joints to expand, irritating nerves and causing pain, especially at the sharpened site of an old injury.”

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