6LACK East Atlanta Love Letter

Karen Zelaya, Entertainment Journalist

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Do you know how to pronounce 6LACK? Do you know who he is ?

Ricardo Valentino Valdez known by his stage name 6LACK is an American singer/rapper and songwriter. He was born on June 24, 1992 in Atlanta,Georgia. He is known for his single “Prblms” which he released in June 2016. He is currently signed to LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records.

East Atlanta Love Letter is 6LACK’s define studio album. It was released on Sept. 14. The album featured collaborations with Future, J.Cole, Offset, and Khalid. This album was supported by two singles, “Switch” and “Nonchalant.”

“Sounds like someone going through a tough time,” said Ariel Phipps, a junior. “But people don’t see it in him.”

When 6LACK dropped his first album, “Free 6LACK” he mentions on his opener “Never Know”, he raps, “ I got a baby on the way, I think about it every day/They think that paper gon’ change me, I do this shit for my baby.”

Two years later , with this album “East Atlanta Love Letter”, those lyrics be have become more vivid. His daughter Syx is here now , and has joined him on the cover of his album emphasizing who he really does this for.

“I think 6LACK is trying to tell people his inability to control himself,” Eric Barton, a senior. “ inevitably leads to brutal consequences.”

There is still plenty of love and pain to attract as a writer. East Atlanta Love Letter highlights 6LACK’s ability to explore love in any way. The honeymoon stage ,heartbreak,the pain and joy of learning how to love and accept yourself.

A big question asked to 6LACK about his album was “Is East Atlanta Love Letter a letter to his listeners, or is it directed to his loved ones past or present?” His response was, “ I would say it’s a mixture of both. It’s definitely my best way of communicating some of my most recent thoughts.”


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6LACK East Atlanta Love Letter