Recap on 13 Reasons Why

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Recap on 13 Reasons Why

Kèvon Johnson, Entertainment Writer

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Whew, summer is over, fall is here, and winter is coming very soon. This is the time of the year you binge watch on Netflix while it’s cold outside and raining. Grab your snacks and hot cocoa!

It is time for the nostalgia days teens shows/movies are the best things to relate to while you are in your teenage years. The Roar suggests one of the best teen shows on Netflix13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why (drama mystery, two seasons) begins with Clay Jensen finding a box of thirteen cassette tapes with his name on it at his house. After listening to the first tape he realizes that his crush Hannah Baker recorded them prior to her suicide.

On each tape, Hannah explains why she decided to end her life. She also lets each listener know that each person must listen to the tapes and pass it along to the next person who had a tape dedicated to them. Clay finds out that he’s one of the reasons and has a whole tape dedicated to him. The show revolves around Hannah’s classmates and how each contributed to her suicide. The show also follows Clays feelings toward Hannah.

Season 2 follows Hannah’s mom and her decision to take Hannah’s death to trial. Hannah’s mom blamed the school for her suicide after finding a paper with Hannah’s classmates names in Season 1.

Each of the names written had a tape. In Season 1 we were told events from Hannah’s point of view, but this season we get to hear her classmates’ point of view. Season 2 also focuses on other teenage issues such as pregnancy, rape, and bullying, some of which led to Hannah’s death.

“13 reasons why is interesting because things like this happen in the real world,” said Haynes student Maria Rivera. “It’s a tragedy really.”

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