The Background Story About The Migrant Caravan

The Background Story About The Migrant Caravan

Yajairi Aguilera, News Writer

For the past weeks, people have been leaving from Honduras, into Guatemala and then onto Mexico, bound for the United States border.

There have been 7,000 people that have traveled with the caravan and at least 2,300 children that are among the group. Whatever the number is, It has shifted as some people joined or left by exhaustion, illness, or injury. Some people or more have applied for asylum.

“Just before dawn, Catherine Carranza Just before dawn, Catherine Carranza, center, from Honduras, waiting with her boyfriend, Aron Palma, for a bus traveling in Mexico from Pijijiapan to Tonalá. They are part of a caravan from Central America headed to the United States,” said Todd Heisler of The New York Times.

The caravan left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on Oct. 12, assembled through a grass-roots social media campaign that started in early October.

“United States, but who are the people making the grueling journey? We spent 24 hours with a family as they trekked through Mexico for an up-close view of what’s at stake,” said Emily Rhyne of The New York Times.

While the people were walking their way to the U.S border, Participants have depended on the aid of locals as they travel north. Town and state leaders have organized shelters and medical tents. Church and civic groups have appeared with pots of tamales, rice and beans, spaghetti and, in one town, rice pudding cooked in enormous pots over wood fires. Water has been handed out, often in small plastic bags.

“It’s a really hard situation because I feel like once they get to the United States, nothing’s gonna happen,” said Steven Alvarez, a junior at Haynes. “They’re not gonna let them in because the President already said what he was gonna do. He’ll probably have to tell his army to shoot them if he has to. So there’s really no point.”

Many people have different opinions towards the caravan immigrants. Some say they shouldn’t come here because they’re just gonna put their life at risk. Some say they should come here to make their life much better than it was in their country.

“I think they’re wasting their time because they’re either gonna get caught and stay behind bars for many years or get sent back to their country. So many people are dying, getting hurt trying to get here in the U.S but like it’s not a good place. They think it’s the best place for them but it’s not.” said Cecilia Sosa a freshman at Haynes.

The people that are coming from other countries, they want to have a better life. They want to have a better future for themselves, and those who have kids they want a better life for them to have. People that are in the caravan they would take that risk. People that are leaving out of their countries probably was having a hard time over there, they couldn’t continue having a bad situation that probably was affecting them, and their family. They want to do what’s best for them and that was coming to the U.S.