How To Stop California Fires

Kevin Zalmeron, News Writer

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California- On November 8, 2018 two wildfires started the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire. Both fires are affecting both sides of California they are taking out massive lands and has killed 79 people and many are still missing. These are two separate fires that caused massive destruction.

The Camp Fire started in Butte Country it has killed multiple people and has taken out many acres of land. This fire was fully contained on the 25 of November. The Woolsey Fire was also 100 percent contained.

The camp fire started as a brush fire but quickly spread because a gust of wind came and hit it which turned it into a massive fire that took many days to put out. The Woolsey fire was started in the Woolsey canyon. A fire can be started by something simple as a cigarette not being put out and sets dried leaves on fire and a gust of wind can easily make it spread.

The fire burned 618 fires including Miley Cyrus, Neil Young and Gerard Butler houses. Celebrities have been donating to rebuild all the destruction the fire made. With a total of 249,000 acres of land.

It will take a long time to rebuild everything again, but there is not many ways to stop this from happening once it starts. Once a spark is set the fire is easily able to spread as soon it touches something dry it spreads on and on onto other dry things causing a major wildfire. In order to stop this people should try to extinguish the fire as quick as possible if that isn’t possible then just get away and take only the stuff you need because a life is more important than an item that can be replaced.

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