LGBT students have a protected space with The Clubhouse

Deyvin Galo-Valle, Haynes News

E.L. Haynes- There’s a new club at E.L. Haynes called the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse was created to help LGBT students feel safe about their own gender identity. The Clubhouse was created for people to be themselves, and helps LGBT people feel respected.

Ms. Karla Cruz is a 9th grade English teacher at E.L. Haynes and she’s the founder of the Clubhouse. “I created this Clubhouse because when I was in high school, I needed a place where I could be me and be free to be me. I feel like there should be a place in our school where people can celebrate their identity.”

Ms. Cruz explained the goal she has in mind for the Clubhouse. “My goal is to have people feel safe. And to have a club where people really truly enjoy being themselves, and they can talk about issues you can’t probably talk about at home or with friends.”

Ms. Cruz added, “I just want people to feel accepted, loved, and embraced regardless of their identities.”

“We talk about current news, brainstorm ideas for fundraiser, we talk about our lives and what it means to be out and not out.We try to make school a little less scary. ultimately we like to have fun and make it a place where people can be themselves.” Ms. Cruz explains the activities they do in the Clubhouse.

Brian Garcia is a junior at E.L. Haynes and he’s a member of the club. “I joined the Clubhouse because I think is a place where you can be yourself and it’s really safe and you get to be you,” he said.

Brian explained that the Clubhouse makes him feel more accepted for his gender identity. “The Clubhouse helps me feel better better about myself as a person because people in the LGBT community has been discriminated and the Clubhouse gives us the support that we need,” said Brian.

Elizabeth Castro is another junior at E.L. Haynes and she’s an ally of the LGBT community. “I decided to be an ally to the LGBT because my friends are the most important thing to me and I like supporting them alot,” Elizabeth said. “Being within the LGBT community is experiencing new things.”

Elizabeth explained that she plans to help the LGBT community in the future. “I’m going to support the LGBT community by telling them they are the world and they deserve so much better than being discriminated,” Elizabeth said.  “I am so thankful for Ms. Cruz to create the Clubhouse because she’s kin ofa like the future in a way because I don’t see a lot of schools having LGBT clubs and having one at E.L. Haynes is amazing.”