Project Soapbox

Richarda McKinney, Haynes News Writer

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E.L. Haynes – The 11th grade students wrote a speech about the most important issue facing young people in our community and what should be done about it. Finalists were picked by judges to compete with other D.C.-area schools at the citywide competition on December 5.

Sponsored by Mikva Challenge, students appreciate this experience because they get a chance to become something at an early age. It allows them to speak on their issue and share it with people who had similar and different experiences. Also it gives them a choice on what they would want to talk about which encourage students to speak on their issue.

“This opportunity allows them to speaks on whatever issue they car about most so instead of having a specific topic to write about they give them a lot of choice that they can focus on and that can be encouraging for a lot of students,” said Mr. Griffin Pepper, 11th grade history teacher and sponsor for Project Soapbox.

Giving students the opportunities to talk about issues that happened in their own community is important because it would make a difference. E.L.Haynes allows student to have these opportunities.

“When I get older I look forward to be in the finalist of project soapbox,” Shannen Parison, student in the 9th grade.

Something you earn from this experience is that you could be one of the finalist that could compete for a internship or to be in the student government spot. In the student government they could make a organization and shine light on their idea.

“This experience could help them shine light on a the reason that is the most important to them” said. Mayra Hernandez, Entertainment Writer.

11th grader Aniyah Johnson wrote a article about  incarceration of a black man life. Aniyah stated that statics say that one out of three black males born after 2001 will statically be in prison.

“One issue that is impacting my community is most is incarceration.”said Aniyah Johnson, a contestant in the competition.

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