Midseason Premier League, 3 Studs and 3 Duds

Alamin Muzemil, Sports Writer

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In the Premier League this season, so far we have the usual teams at the top of the tops, with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. At the bottom of the table we have Cardiff, Fulham and Southampton fighting to leave the relegation zone Manchester City boost the season with the best attacking team in the league while Manchester United have the best defense in the league.

As entertaining this could be, we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the best performers and the worst performers. So far the best player this season by far has been Eden Hazard, left mid for Chelsea Fc. He has the best goal scoring ration in the league. he scored every 93 minutes.

“In my opinion Eden Hazard is the best midfielder in the entire world,” said Haniebal Gebrie, junior at El Haynes. “The way he controls the ball at the speed he goes is unreal.”

Another performing well is Sergio Aguero, striker for Manchester City. This year he is the leading scorer in the league with 8 goals in seven matches. He is one of the best strikers in the league and one of the best finisher in the world. Not only that but when he has three or four of the best midfielders in his team, it is that much easier to be supplied with unlimited chances to score. He is the 4th leading scoring in Premier  league history with 160 goals since he moved to the Premier League from Atletico Madrid. A

nother player performing well is Pierre Meyrick Aubameyang, striker for Arsenal. he has been one of the best signing in the Premier League during the summer. So far this season he has bagged 7  goals and 4 assists in 8 match. Arsenal could not expect more from him.

“I wish Manchester United has gotten [Meyrick] instead of Romelu Lukaku,” said Sakin Kadir. “He is way better in front of goal then Lukaku.”

Transitioning in to the duds of the season we start of with Romelu Lukaku, Striker for Manchester United. Lukaku has not scored in 14 straight hours of game play. That is equivalent to about 7 full games. At the beginning of the season he was doing good but not is in poor shape.

When they bought him they expected him to be a 20 plus goals a season. At the rate that he is going know he will not reach 20 by the end of the season. Manchester United have benched him due to his poor shape and when he returns they hope that he returns to his goal scoring shape. They did not pay $60 million for nothing. Lukaku is expected to make his returned this Saturday against Crystal Palace.

“I hope he scores this week, to erase his poor start to his season,” said Mutaz Hamad, sophomore at E.L. Haynes. “If he does not score I just hope Manchester United wins.”

Another player that is not performing well is Theo Walcott, attacking midfielder for Everton Fc. This summer they signed him from Arsenal for 30 million pounds. When they bought him they were expecting to get a 15 goals 10 assists a season type of player. So far he has not even scored 1 goal and they already have played 9 games this season. To add to his misery he had not even had an assist. He needs to improve before he gets sold or sent away on loan.

Finally a player that needs to improve is Leroy Sane. Last year Sane was one of the breakout stars for Manchester City during they title winning season. he provided 17 goals and 12 assists. This season he has not scored 1 goal and only has two assists. He has only started one game due to his troubles off the field. He needs to get back in form if he is going to start or if Manchester City has any hopes of winning the title again this season.

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Midseason Premier League, 3 Studs and 3 Duds