E.L. Haynes has a place to play video games

Deyvin Galo-Valle, Haynes News Writer

E.L. Haynes- Has a teacher ever told you to put your game away? Well, Ms.Viscal is telling people to bring their games to school for the Awesome Club. Ms.Viscal is the advisor of the Awesome Club and she decided the become the advisor because she really likes video games. The Awesome Club has been passed down to different teachers over the years.

The advisor of the Awesome Club is Ms. Viscal, and she wants people to have a place where they can feel competitive.

“I decided to be the advisor for this club because I really like video games and when i was growing up I liked video games.” said Ms. Viscal a teacher at E.L. Haynes and the club advisor. “And I feel this is a good place for students to engage students in activity that they are comfortable doing and an environment they feel like they can be competitive.”

Members of the Awesome Club joined the club because they love anime and video games with a passion, and one day want to work on creating their own anime/manga or a video game.

“I love video games and anime with a passion. anime and video games are like my favorite pastime and it’s one of my hobby,” said Dakwan Hall, club member at E.L. Haynes. “And I want to create my own anime or video games revolving around my own anime.”

Erick Cardenas is the club president and Dakwan Hall is a club member of the Awesome Club and they explained what type of anime and video game they likes.

“My favorite game is black and white because i grew up playing it,” said Erick Cardenas the club president. ” And my Favorite anime as of right now is fate stay night.”

“My favorite anime is Dragon Ball the franchise because I grew up watching it,” said Dakwan Hall. “My favorite video game is sonic adventure two.”

Ms. Viscal makes sure the club activities are fun and to include both anime and video games.

“Mainly every Tuesday we’ll come out here and pull out some game console and some students would bring their own console. There’s a student who brings his Xbox, and there’s a PS4 that you can play Naruto games, 2k, Fortnite and a few other popular video games,” said Ms. Viscal. “We have some board games that people can play, for example there’s a card game called Yu-Gi-Oh.”