Redskins Chances Overall

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Redskins Chances Overall

Brayan Ramos, Sports Writer

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With one of Washington Redskins quarterbacks, Alex Smith, horribly injured – possibly the end of his career – the team is battling their way to win games. With a record of 6-5 and 2nd place in the NFC, the Redskins strong start and team play is running low on steam, and they will have to work harder to bring it back up.

In 1937, the Redskins won their first NFL championship, and (INCLUDE PAST SUPER BOWL WINS/APPEARANCES)

Redskins fans are sticking with their team, although they are feeling a mix of emotions this season.

Yoel Castro, a junior, said, “ I’m a huge Redskins fan, I have the Redskin hoodie, the Redskin beanie, the Redskin shirt, and even the Redskin sweatpants. Win or lose I would never switch up on my team.”

“Their QB is injured, but they always get back up – trust me on that,” Castro added.

With 27 touchdowns as a team and 249 total points, the Redskins manage to be one of the worst scoring teams in NFL as of this article’s publication.

Willam Torres, a Freshman said, “Cowboys all days! Redskins may have a good team overall only this season, but nothing compared to the ‘boys.”

He added, “Without their QB they aren’t going to have no success, no wins just going home empty handed like always.”

The Redskins play its home games at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, and a ticket for a Redskins home game right now cost about $150 or more. The Washington Redskins is a very popular team in the region – according to Fansided, the Redskins are ranked 12th in the league for their fan base, just behind the Indianapolis Colts and above the Atlanta Falcons.

Junior Allan Casarrubias said, “The Washington Redskins where can I start, there a very popular team but never would be good as the Pittsburgh Steelers. I would be shock if the Redskins make it far this season and years to go.”

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