Mac Miller’s Accidental Death

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Mac Miller’s Accidental Death

Karen Zelaya, Entertainment Writer

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Do you remember Mac Miller ? Do you think his music was great ? Did he inspire you?

Mac Miller was known for his music & for being a producer to some great hits, like “Dang!” And “Come back to earth”. These songs were released before his accidental death. He overdosed on Fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. This was hard for a lot of fans because people did look up to him for his famous lyrics about equality & expression.

In the past few years alone, fentanyl has killed a number of high profile musicians including Prince, Tom Petty and Lil Peep, who all died under similar circumstances to Miller.

“It’s sad because he didn’t want to die from an overdose, but why was he doing it in the first place?” said Destiny Myers, a junior.

Miller struggled with substance abuse throughout his life and had spoken openly about it in the past. His early career was marked by a dependence on lean(a mixture of promethazine and codeine) though he was able to kick the habit for a time. Miller went through bouts of sobriety, but had started drinking again this year, leading to a DUI arrest this May. According to the autopsy, a bottle of alcohol, a bottle of prescription pills and a “white, powdery substance” were all found in Miller’s home after his death.

Miller’s death in September came at the critical apex of his career, his latest album, Swimming, was widely considered to be his best, and an indication that he had far more to offer as an artist. A tribute concert was held in his honor, benefitting the newly founded Mac Miller Circles Fund, a charity established in his name. Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, SZA and more performed at the show, and many of Miller’s friends and collaborators weighed in with what made him a talented artist.

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