Have you wondered what teachers think about when preparing an assignment?

Deyvin Galo-Valle, Haynes News Writer

E.L. Haynes- Why am I doing this boring assignment?,  Why are we reviewing this assignment again? students think about assignment that the teachers gives student. But have you ever wondered what teachers think every time they create an assignment? Teachers think about different things when creating an assignment.

Ms.Cruz is a 9th grader, world literature teacher. Ms. Cruz thinks about many things when creating an assignment and she explains why she thinks about that, why it’s important and how impact our society of today.

“When creating an assignment I think about what kind of product I want students to create.” Ms. Cruz explains what she thinks when creating an assignment. ” One, what is the purpose of the assignment, is it to analyse tone, is it to analyse rhetoric. I always try to make it different. I understand that writing can be exhausting, I try to make it a variety, making sure it’s the point and that it is fun and engaging for students.”

Mr. Pepper is a government and Journalism teacher. He teaches mostly 11th graders and some 9th and 10th graders. When planning lessons, Mr. Pepper thinks about what part of the government and what are the key writing skills.

“First when creating an assignment I think about key parts of our content in my government class i think about what part of the government we are going to look at,” Mr. Pepper said.

“The things I think about is issues that are important to students,” he added. “I like to connect our assignments to what’s happening in the world, to be relevant for our students but I also want students to come away from those assignment understanding something more about how our government works.”

Mr. Simpkins is a 9th grade, World History teacher. Mr. Simpkins has compared history from long ago with new things that’s happening around the world, and he explains what he wants students to do in class and what he wants students to take away.

“When creating an assignment I first think about what overall idea I want the student to take away from the assignment.” he added. “the next step is how I can get that idea cross. Then I tried to factor in something I like to call the board factor, is this activity engaging, will it be engaging and what can I do to make it engaging. I try to incorporate something every now and then, so the student can converse move around or do something.”