Recap of the 2018 The Ballon d’Or annual football award

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Recap of the 2018 The Ballon d’Or annual football award

Steven Alvarez and Oliver Tzul

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The 2018 Ballon d’Or was held in Paris, France on Monday, December 3. This year’s winner and rankings has the world spinning in total confusion. Players who had a good year last year were ones to come in a ranking that has people so confused and mad. Journalists are also involved with some votes being fake from fake journalist and the votes being switched to make certain players who didn’t deserve the trophy win and for those who really did deserve it keep them last in the votes.

This year’s Ballon d’Or winner was Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid C.F. and for the first time there was a  Ballon d’Or Feminin winner who was awarded to Ada Hegerberg who plays for Olympique Lyonnais.

This year’s men’s Ballon d’Or winner has the soccer world baffled and especially the rankings that were showed to the public. The top three players for the award were Luka Modric with 753 points, Cristiano Ronaldo with 476 points and Antoine Griezmann with 414 points.

You might ask yourself, ‘What about Messi?’ The Barcelona star ended in fifth place with 280 points. This definitely shocked the world seeing the end of the Ronaldo-Messi era and Messi coming in fifth place.

All of the football fans were raging when they saw the list of the people who were in the Ballon d’Or nominees. Lots of football fans were shocked when they saw Real Madrid player Karim Benzema in the list; meanwhile David Silva from Manchester City wasn’t in the nominess when he had a good season and Benzema did not.

Steven Munguia, a freshman at Haynes, said, “I think this year’s Ballon d’Or nominees and winner is really dumb. Messi deserved to win this year Ballon d’Or because he had a amazing season compared to others and especially Modric.”

Messi had a strong season last year winning three trophies, Onze d’Or, most goals, most assists, most key passes, most chances created, most dribbles, most Man of The Match in Europe’s top five leagues, and winning his fifth Golden Boot.

Messi has had a 10/10 rating in every UCL match he’s played this season, and he still has finished fifth in the Ballon d’Or ranking. Neither Modric nor Ronaldo did this and they both ended top 3 in the Ballon d’Or rankings.

Diego Flores, a junior at Haynes, said, “Honestly Messi should have won the award after having spectacular season with Barcelona. Modric did good but his biggest highlight was him being able too take Croatia to their first World Cup final after many years but he didn’t have an amazing season like Messi did.”

This year has been a crazy one for football fans but also the whole world with some votes being faked to make other players rank higher when the ones who actually deserve it are ranked really low.

Most runner up players are trying to push that extra mile to win next year are putting in work in regular season and in Champions league. The light is shining for all the coming up players such as Dele Alli, Philippe Coutinho, Paulo Dybala, Kylian Mbappe. What all these players have in common is that they are of young age and still have potential to reach the peak of their careers.

For the first time there was a women’s Ballon d’Or award called the Ballon d’Or Feminin but It wasn’t a good way to welcome the new award to the respected winner Ballon d’Or Feminin in a male dominated sport.

The women’s Ballon d’Or initiated with a Norwegian player Ada Hegerberg with almost 300 career goals, four French league titles and a hat-trick of Coupe de France trophies and of Champions League titles she did all of this at only 23 years of age.

“It got out of hand and I want the attention to be on the historic moment for the Ballon d’Or and what it meant for me,” said Ada Hegerberg.

A controversial moment happens when Ada Hegerberg was asked by broadcast host, Martin Solveig if she “twerks” on stage. She awkwardly answered “No” and got of stage. The host noted that it was a joke, but it was cited as an example of enduring sexism in sports. He apologize for the remarks shortly after.

As for women’s soccer the teams are set for the 2019 women’s World Cup and many females are going to try their best to get those votes for next year.

“Well it would mean a lot actually because many soccer fans see men play and they don’t really appreciate women as much, when we can be just as good. So it would be amazing actually,” said Daniela Ladino, a Junior at Haynes.

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