Mid-Term Election Recap

Mid-Term Election Recap

Daniel Amarando

You may of heard of the term “Blue wave” floating around social media, what does this exactly mean? This was a term used during the 2018 midterm election to influence the blue vote which is the Liberal vote. Ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office, the US Supreme Court and House Of Representatives has been very red and this re-did a lot of important Obama Era laws such as Obama Care and climate laws.

Many people are unsure what the House Of Representatives and the Senate are. Both belong in the same branch of government but have very different functions. Currently the right has the control of the senate. The Senate has the ability to appoint and approve judges. They are responsible for appointing the very controversial Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Because of this control, it will be way easier for Donald Trump to throw new judges into the supreme court.  Currently there are 237 republicans and 197 democrats. While the Senate has a say in our judges, the House of Representatives can also do many more things which would be a threat to Trump’s presidency. The House has the power to launch investigations. Which they already have such as looking into Trump’s involvement with Russia and tax fraud. The 2018 election also had the most diverse turnout with around 90 women to be in the house of representatives. And in total of 411 women, people of color and LGBT candidates.

Now what does this mean for President Trump? He has already responded negatively by throwing a tantrum on Twitter and threatening to launch his own investigations into the democrats. Sarah Sanders who is the spokeswomen of the white house said “If Democrats are in office then they better do they’re job”.

In conclusion, the biggest win for the 2018 election was the fact the House is able to launch investigations into Donald Trump and expose him for his past actions.