Elon Musk’s first test of the Boring Company.

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On December 17 2016, Elon Musk the CEO of Space X, PayPal, (and now former) CEO of Tesla, was surprised to learn about his new company called “The Boring Company.” When asked what the use of the company was, Elon stated “To alleviate traffic, transportation corridors, like the buildings that feed into them, must expand into three dimensions. One option is to go up with flying cars. However, flying cars have issues with weather, noise, and generally increase anxiety levels of those below them. The other option is to go down and build tunnels”. The idea is to build tunnels where you can transport yourself and your car in a fast and efficient way. Like for example a drive from Washington DC to Baltimore normally takes one hour but can take more if you include traffic. But this tunnel can cut your commute from an hour to only an hour to 15 minutes!

But on December 19th Elon Musk allowed the public to test his new proposal which is in its very early alpha stage. So far the tunnel was commented as being too bumpy which Elon Musk responded saying that it is because they were not able to smooth out the bottom in time but once they have time it’ll be “as smooth as possible”. Critics have also stated that it was not the top speed it go because of the rough ride. Elon Musk said the next step is to send 4,000 vehicles every hour through the tunnel at 155 mph.

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