Families reunited in Korean peninsula

Deyvin Galo-Valle, Haynes News Writer

Some families of the united states get separated by the police each year but it’s a short amount of time. How do you think you’d feel if you were separated from your family for almost 70 years?

For the last 68 years, South and North Korean families has been separated due to the Korean War.

The Korean War officially lasted for 68 years. The Korean War was a war between North and South Korea and it first started back in 1950 when North Korean communist army crossed the 38 parallel and invaded non-communist South Korea. Moon Jae-in the president of South Korea and Kim Jong-un president of North Korea came together and declared something that impacted the Korean Peninsula.

“Kim and I myself would like to declare, there would be no more war on the korean peninsula.” President Moon Jae-in said.

Families of South and North Korea were separated for 68 years due to the Korean war. The families who were separated finally had a chance to see their families since 1950, but the government gave them a surprising amount of time to talk to them.

“The meetings are very limited and they only have certain hours of the day to meet,” she adds on, “many participants didn’t even know if there family’s were alive. Some people were talking to each other and they said that they weren’t sure if they would recognize they’re love ones” Paula Hancocks said.

families wanted to be apart of the meeting but only a handful of families could go and see their families.

According to CNN reporter Paula Hancocks “There were 57,000 families that wanted to be apart of this reunying but only but only 89 families of south Korea could travel to the north to see their families that they haven’t seen in decades.”

Mr. Pepper is a Journalism and Government teacher at E.L. Haynes. Mr. Pepper explains and thinks about what if he was one of the families who were separated and this is what he says.

“I have no idea how it feel like but I can only imagine if I was 15 and I only saw my brother or sister when I was 70,” he said. “That sounds ridiculous to me,  especially considering my brother is one of the most important people in my life and I try talking to him frequently. The thought of not seeing and not contacting him is heartbreaking.”