A death that affected the whole world, XXXTentacion died tragically

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Wednesday-On the tragic day of June 18, popular young rapper  XXXTentacion (Jahseh Onfroy) was assassinated in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Many fans and famous people were affected by this. He was a big inspiration specially for people who felt Depressed. His lyrics in his songs made people relate to it and be able to express it without doing harm. His album “17” became very popular after it was released, he expressed all his feelings in this album and he explained it himself in one of his recordings in the album called “The Explanation”.  He says, “By listening to this album you are literally, and i cannot stress this enough literally entering my mind… i do not value your money i value acceptance and loyalty, Here is my pain and words”. He wanted the album to make people feel “numb”, in a way share his sadness so other wouldn’t feel it like him.

Diego Leanos, mostly known as Lil Xan, is a celebrity that looked up to XXX. Lil Xan saw him as a legend and an inspiration. Lil xan is a very known rapper and has mourned XXXtentation’s death. He was very hurt when this tragedy occured.  

“You know how much that f****** hurts my heart. Are you guys for real. I’m tired of f****** losing so many rappers…please tell me if this s*** is not real” said Lil Xan. He also added “Yo X was an inspiration to me. Im literally going crazy”

22 year-old Robert Allen, 20 year-old Travon Newsom, and Dedrick Williams was discovered at the shooting at XXX’s BMW in Deerfield Beach. They were caught by cameras the Motorcycle shop had where XXX was leaving.

Kevon Johnson a 9th grader at E.L Haynes said, “It made people realize that life is short.” He added, “He cared about a lot of people and was very positive. Also because he did a lot for charity.”

Cleopatra Bernard is XXXTentacio’s mother, she was very sad about his death but she says, “He left us a final gift,”

XXXTentacion’s Baby was born January 28, 2019. There hasn’t been any more information of the baby so far.

This comes to show that XXX was very important in people’s life, and so many students at E.L Haynes can relate. I think this will show us that no matter what people are going through we should appreciate them because one day you will be hearing their voice another day you will hear their name on the news.

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A death that affected the whole world, XXXTentacion died tragically