French Players Shine in World Cup Final

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French Players Shine in World Cup Final

Alamin Muzeemil and Jose Carranza

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In the 79th minute, France knew that they had sealed the World Cup. Center midfielder Paul Pogba made a cheeky pass to center forward Kylian Mbappe, who sprinted to the 20 yard line and   z launched a strike. The ball hit the bar and went in. The whole bench went to mob Mbappe. They knew that they had won now.

On July 15, 2018 Mbappe became the youngest player to score in a World Cup Final since the great Pele. After the game, he would end up winning best young player of the World  Cup. It was pouring rain, but the France team did not let that stop them from celebrating their great feat.

“Mbappe is going to be a problem on the pitch for a long time,” said Kevin Argueta, freshman at E.L. Haynes. “After this World Cup, every club is going to wanna sign him.”

Even though France won the World Cup, the Golden Boy Award  was awarded to Croatia’s Luka Modric. He had a phenomenal World Cup. In eight matches he scored five goals and four   assists. He also had the most touches of any player on his team. If he was not playing, Croatia likely would not have made the World Cup Final.

“Luka Modric is up there with Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar as one of the best players in the entire world,” said Robin Castellon, freshman at E.L. Haynes. “ In my opinion this season he’s been playing better then the likes of Messi and Ronaldo.”

To add to all the success that France has had this year, three members of their squad made FIFA’s Dream Team: Raphael Varane, Kylian Mbappe, and coach Didier Deschamps.

“France has their future set out for them”, Said Sakin Kadir, Sophomore at E.L. Haynes High School. “ All their players are young, so France will compete for the World Cup, for years to come.”

Even though Pogba had a disappointing season with Manchester United, only scoring four goals and three assists in 35 games, he put all that aside and focused on his game. He did not let the media get to his head and just played his game.

“I was worried that he would not do good during the World Cup, but I am glad he did.” Said Hannibal Gebrie, Junior at E.L. Haynes. “He did not let the media and haters distract his game.”

After Paul Pogba’s performance at the World Cup, many pundits are saying that he is set to have a bright season during the 2018-19 Premier League. The World Cup proved that Paul Pogba was worth the $100 million Manchester United paid for him. He showed that he has the talent but he just needs to show that on a regular basis under Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

“Pogba is one of the best players in the world, he shows he has the talent,” said Shaka Hislop, Pundit for Espn Fc.. “He justs needs to show it on a regular basis and stop showboating.”

For Croatia, Luka Modric, had an amazing season with La Liga giants Real Madrid. In 35 games he scored 17 goals and 14 assists. He has more assists than any other player in the league, other then his teammate Toni Kroos. The only teammates of his that have more goals are Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.

“Luca Modric had his best season ever last year.” Said his fellow teammate Sergio Ramos. “ He has really been delivering when we needed him most during the hard stretches.”

In Croatia’s team, Center Attacking Midfielder, Ivan Rakitic has scored three game winning goals during the World Cup.  When Luca Modric has a bad day, Ivan steps up his game and takes over for the team. He has been a leader on and off the pitch. When you need him to deliver, he will deliver.

“Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic were like Batman and Robin during the World Cup.”, said Mutaz Hamad, Sophomore at E.L. Haynes.”. “In my opinion, they have been the best duo at the World Cup.”

In other news, Defending Midfielder, N’Golo Kante won French Player of the year. He has been playing really well for France and Chelsea Fc. He does not talk that much, he is quiet but when it comes to playing he plays hard and performs. He is loved by all he’s teammates and he is a really humble person on and off the pitch. During the World Cup celebration, he was too scared to ask to hold the World Cup, so one of his teammates had to ask the others for him to hold the World Cup trophy.

“N’Golo Kante is the most humble and caring teammate you can ask for.” Said Olivier Giroud, fellow France teammate. “ He is always quiet and keeps to himself, and tries to help others.”


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French Players Shine in World Cup Final