The relationship of Ariana & Pete

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The relationship of Ariana & Pete

Kevon Johnson, Entertainment Writer

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Have you ever been through a hard breakup and the whole world knows? Well I know who did, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Imagine waking up in the morning getting dressed, get in the car then turn on the radio and hear a new song from your ex focused completely on you. I can’t even imagine this toxic situation.

In early May, singer Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson both cut ties with each other. Two years in, Grande and Rapper Mac Miller split. A week later, Davidson and his girlfriend Cazzie David broke up.Grande and Davidson were spotted at an  SNL after party, where Davidson works.

Mac Miller was arrested for a DUI. A lot of fans of his blamed Grande for his arrest. Days later Pete revealed that he has been suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder on Instagram.

On Instagram Pete posted a picture of him and Ariana dressed up in Harry Potter costume.

News broke everywhere that Davidson proposed to Grande after a half of month of dating each other.The ring cost over half of $100,000 dollars. A source stated that it took two weeks to create the 3.03 carat diamond ring. A lot of friends and family were happy for Grande and showed them both love and support.

“Ariana and Pete are still young and it was really rushed they’ve should have gotten to know each other a little more because both of them got out of a relationship during the same time.”- Rubi Crespo, a freshmen at EL Haynes.

The pair was spotted together at the MTV VMA Awards in New York together on the red carpet.

All Silence broke when it was reported that Mac Miller Ariana’s ex boyfriend died of an Drug Overdose. The whole world was shocked. Can you even begin to imagine how Ariana felt? Miller and Grande met while she was still acting on Nickelodeon. 

Grande was accused of being responsible for Miller’s death. She even had to disable her comments because they were so negative and hurtful.

A week after Mac’s death, Ariana posted a video reminiscing the time she had with Miller and also wrote a sweet message about him.

Grande shared out on twitter that she was having a tough time “can i pls have one okay day. just one. Pls.”

It was revealed that Pete Davidson got his tattoo of dangerous woman inspired of the cover of her album covered up.

TMZ reported that the singer Ariana Grande & comedian Pete Davidson have called it quits. They’ve both felt timing was not right, Ariana took time off of social media to work on herself and her passion, music.

“Yes and I didn’t heal from it cause I was never hurt, But like you know just forget about the person.” – Karen Vasquez, freshmen at El Haynes

Ariana released a single Thank you,Next, the lyrics of the song thank all of her past relationships for making her an overall better person. 

“I feel as though that the song choice she decided to make after their breakup is a little unnecessary because it doesn’t look good on her most of all and Pete doesn’t deserve that attack from her.Also, I feel as though Ariana needs to watch the lyrics she uses because that can really impact someone negatively”.                                              

– Wladimir Alarcon, a sophomore at El Haynes.

A month later after Ariana Released Thank you, Next, Ariana got involved with rappers Drake & Kanye twitter beef and decided to promote her single.

West seen it as Ariana mocking him for having mental health issues. She almost immediately apologized to him.

Hours later Pete posted a note on Instagram “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore. I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last. All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so.”

A lot of celebrities chimed in and wished Pete the best. Celebrities also used this situation to promote mental health awareness. 

Overall Grande’s and Davidson’s relationship was rushed. Some say Davidson was Grande’s rebound. They’re public relationship was it’s downfall. 


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