2018 Russia World Cup Recap

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2018 Russia World Cup Recap

Brayan Ramos and Oliver Tzul

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The 2018 Russia World Cup had a very surprising ending with tiny a country like Croatia making it to the finals and beating favorite teams like Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Belgium, and Spain. With 32 national teams competing to win the most important title in soccer history. Having the best teams such as 2014 world cup winners germany getting knocked out early in the group stage and having Argentina and Portugal being knocked out in the same day and underperforming threw out the world cup, and players like David De Gea, Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Harry Kane and Mbappe shocking the world and the underrated teams impacting all the soccer and non soccer fans worldwide.

The world cup was a monthly that started on June 14, 2018 with the host Russia playing the inaugural game against Saudi Arabia. The event forming 32 teams going against each other for the most expensive trophy ever, worth around $20 million, and plus a $38 million check to the winners.

“ I think the World Cup is something to look forward to and that it is entertaining for non soccer fans and soccer fans especially and how we get to see some of the best players compete other good players and teams,” said Daniela Ladino, a Junior at Haynes.

2018 World cup was a surprising one, with Panama and Iceland making their debut to their first ever world cup and Egypt making it after 28 years. Having some of the best teams underperform and some of the non challenging teams making an impact towards other teams and giving them a challenge that they either couldn’t handle or barley did.

“It’s awesome seeing new teams who have tried to make it to the World Cup before and have failed make it this time and to experience something new that they haven’t experienced. Also we got to see players shine and show what they got.” said Diego Flores, a junior at Haynes.

Croatia was the team that mainly impacted the world with them making it to the finals of the World Cup against France who had an amazing run and extraordinary team. Not just them but also the host of the world cup made a good impression with them being able to reach the quarterfinals after beating spain in such a close match.

“This isn’t the first time we have a golden generation of Croatian players. So yeah, lightning could strike again,” said Mr. Somerville, a counselor at Haynes.

Last year’s World Cup indeed was an exciting one with Mbappe becoming the second youngest player in history to score in the world cup semi finals and final and surpassing legend Pele record. We also had one of the best performances from france player Griezman, and defender Varane who made it into Fifa Pro XI and team of the year.

“Mbappe has a bright future, but he needs to move away from PSG though because it’s a dead end league,” said Mr.Somerville.

He also added, “I didn’t watch the final because I was devastated with England’s exit but from facts and statistics I know Mbappe was the main star of the World cup as well as his team France the winners of the world cup 2018.”

As we know there were a lot of top teams with top players to make a run but shockingly that didn’t happen and some of those teams fell short in the World Cup disappointing lots of football fans and their nation. But most people are even more than ready for the next World Cup in 2022 which will be held in Qatar. Fans and various people want to see if there is new young talented players ready to strike and to see if Messi and Ronaldo can win the biggest and most valuable trophy in football history before they retire.

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