Tom Brady leads Patriots to 6th franchise Super Bowl


Alamin Muzemil, Sports Writer

On one of the most anticipated Sundays of the year,  Tom Brady and the Patriots outlasted the Los Angeles Rams to win their sixth franchise Super Bowl. Brady started in all six and became the first quarterback to win six Super Bowls. No other quarterback or any other player in another position has ever done that. There were arguments on if Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time , but this Superbowl surely closes that discussion and gifts him that honor. He threw for 260 yards while completing 21 passes out of 35 attempted. He had a good overall performance. Even though he threw an interception, he came back after and did not let that ruin his night.

“Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play football,” said Brian Ochoa, freshman at E.L. Haynes. ” There is no quarterback that has done as much for his team as him.”

This year was one of the lowest scoring games to ever be played.  16 points were scored in total. The game ended up 13-3. It was a battle of defenses. Both team pretty much sent the other punting after 3 plays. Throughout the whole game there had been only one possession in the red zone. Midway through the 3rd quarter, Patriots corner back Patrick Chung got injured. He would end up not returning to the game.  Even though he is one of there best on defense they were good enough to end up winning.  Their other corner Stephan Gilmore came up clutch with an interception with four minutes left in the game. The Rams were down by seven and the interception pretty much sealed the game for the Patriots.

“I was surprised that the Patriots defense was that good,” said Jason Hernandez, Freshman at E.L. Haynes. “This year they didn’t look as good as years in the past.”

On the offensive side of the game, their wasn’t really much of any on both sides, but wide receiver Julian Edelman of the Patriots had one hell of a night.  he caught 10 passes for 141 yards. He was tearing up and down the defense throughout the whole night. Halfway through the second quarter Edelman caught a pass for 20 yards, broke a tackle and ran for 10 more. That was the longest play of the game for both sides. At the end of the game Julian Edelman would end up winning MVP of the Superbowl and he would revive his fourth Superbowl ring in his career.

“He is one of the most underrated receivers in the whole NFL,” said Mutaz Hamad, Sophomore at E.L. Haynes. “He has been one of the best receivers in the NFL but no one seems to notice.”

Even though the Rams didn’t win the game, they still made history that night. Quarterback Jared Goff became the youngest quarterback to ever start a Superbowl game. This is his third year in the NFL and he has been proving that he is one of the rising stars and he deserved to make the Superbowl. In addition to this their coach was also the youngest coach to make the Superbowl at just 33 years old.  What’s crazy is that this is his first year coaching any team and his first year with the Rams.

“The Rams might have lost, but am sure this won’t be their last Superbowl”, said Haniebal Gebrie, junior at E.L. Haynes. They have the talent to make the Superbowl every year for the next four or five years.