Metal Detectors At E.L. Haynes? Why now?

Metal Detectors At E.L. Haynes? Why now?

Mandy Diaz

On Tuesday, January 22, an incident occurred at E.L. Haynes High School: a teenage boy was stabbed and seriously injured inside a bathroom. His condition was serious but stable. The D.C. police Chief Peter Newsham said a 17 year old student was taken into custody and was not charged for the incident.

E.L. Haynes Staff has started to check bags every morning after the incident. Why now? There could have been a worse incident someone could bring weapons to school and the staff won’t know until an incident happens. Staff are reacting on the incident the recently happened but are not being proactive for a next incident.

The teacher’s and the principal say they take safety seriously but seems to be not very true if a student was stabbed in a bathroom at their school. Students are frightened by what happened. Some say they don’t feel safe in school anymore.

It’s not right that the school has taken action until an incident happens. Before the incident the staff didn’t check bags. How were students  or any teachers safe? They weren’t, people could walk in and out the school anytime and anything could have happened.

Metal detector are always needed in a high school. Students always have problems with other students and try to solve it with weapons or fighting

In the the article “The Pros and Cons of Installing Metal Detectors in Schools” the director of security sales Garrett Metal detector said, “Metal detection is on the rise right now.” Metal detectors are the one of the top most needed things in high schools for the safety of students and staff in the building.

There are about 430 students in the high school safety is a big thing in schools. Students need to feel safe so they can get the education they need. Students should not feel frightened to go to school. But students need to play their part to in order to feel safe. They need to come to school to get their education and not start arguments with other student, which causes students to make a big problem out of a small problem.

The D.C. Chief said “It’s an unfortunate incident” he also added “Young people have got to find a different way to resolve their differences.” Students can’t be solving their differences in a way that can ruin both of their life because one ends in the hospital and the other ends up in jail, That doesn’t solve anything.