Team Lebron vs Team Giannis

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Team Lebron vs Team Giannis

Ariel Phipps, Sports Editor

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The NBA’s annual All Star game was on Sunday February 17th in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a weekend for all the super stars around the NBA to spend a weekend together and play with and against the top competitors in a organized game. This years captains were Team Lebron from the Western Conference and Team Giannis from the Eastern Conference. They were both chosen because they were the top players in their conference this year. This was also a important All Star game because they have chosen to add Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki for a final all star game because they announced they were retiring after this season. Dwayne Wade is a 3 time NBA Champion, 1 Final MVP , 13 time NBA All Star. Dirk Nowitzki is a 1 time NBA champion, 14 time all star and one of the best debatable power forwards in the league.

Team Lebron was gifted first pick and his final roster was Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, Anthony Davis, Lamarcus Aldridge, Ben Simmons. Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Karl Anthony Towns, and a special pick for this year Dwayne Wade. For Team Giannis, his final roster was Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Paul George, Kemba Walker, Blake Griffin, Nikola Jokic, Kyle Lowry, Khris Middleton, D’Angelo Russell, Russell Westbrook, Victor Oladipo ( injured ) , and special pick Dirk Nowitzki. Ramy Beatriz a junior at E.L Haynes says, “ Team Lebron should win because his starters have more talent and better players at each position. They have more playoff and championship experience.”

The game started with Giannis scoring 16 points in the first quarter. Lebron only had 2 points. The first quarter ended with Dirk Nowitzki’s second 3 of the game. Team Giannis 53 Team Lebron 37. Lebron finished the first half with 10 points and Giannis with 20 points. The game finished 178 to 164 where Team Lebron was able to come back in the second half and score 96 points and only allow Team Giannis to 69 points.

Kevin Durant finished with 31 points as the leading scorer of Team Lebron. Giannis finished with 38 points to lead his team in scoring. Kyrie Irving a point guard led Team Lebron in rebounds with 9 and Joel Embiid leading Team Giannis with 12 rebounds. Ben Simmons led Team Lebron with 7 assist and Kemba Walker for Team Giannis with 8 assist. Kevan Anderson a junior at E.L Haynes said “ I thought Team Giannis was going to win because his players were bigger and it would be easier for the team to rebound and play defense.”

Kevin Durant a Golden State small forward was chosen as the 2019 NBA All Star MVP after scoring 31 points, 2 assist, and 7 rebounds. He shot a remarkable 66% from the 3 point line making 6 of 9. He also had 2 blocks and 1 steal. Kevin Durant has been averaging 27.6 points , 6 assist, and 7 rebounds per game. “ When Team Lebron was down Kevin Durant stepped up and helped bring his team back and into the game which helped them win “ said Xavier Muse and junior at E.L Haynes.

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Team Lebron vs Team Giannis