Author Reading of Chocolate City

Cecilia Sosa, Writer

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On February 26, author of the book “Chocolate City” Dr.Musgrove, came to E.L. Haynes Highschool to speak about his book.

George Derek Musgrove and Chris Myers Asch wrote the book about the story of race and democracy in our country’s capital. D.C. is more than just a seat of government, and authors Asch and Musgrove also highlight the city’s rich history of local activism as Washingtonians of all races have struggled to make their voices heard in an undemocratic city where residents lack full political rights.

At the reading, Musgrove had the opportunity to give some of his readers a better insight, deeper meaning to his reasoning of writing Chocolate City. He answered questions and even sold many books.

“Goodness, yes! You all had a packed room, enthusiastic audience and i sold a lot of books,” responded Dr.Musgrove on how well this evening went.

Our Intro to the Civil Rights Movement course teacher, Ms. Jessica Rucker, did much of the honor to play a big part at this event. She introduced all the guests that arrived to our guest speaker. She has the book displayed on her desk everyday in class.

“The topics he talked about in terms of race and DC were great. It was great that the audience seemed to be entertained, people said that they learned a lot,” stated Ms.Rucker about the night.

Mr.Rucker also felt that the event was a great success and a very fun night. During the night 5 out of all the guests had a chance to win a free book through a raffle. Each winner was very happy with their new book.

Ms.Rucker also stated, “Dr.Musgrove shared a lot of statistics, one that really struck me was that since the late 1800s, D.C. has always been more than 20% Black and for me that was striking.”

Continuing her quote,“I hope students see that we have always been a presence in this city and also that we literally help build this city”

Many of the guests really enjoyed this book, such as students, parents, school staff, and members of our community. Purchase a book and let us know what you think about it!

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Author Reading of Chocolate City