The Divisions 2 open world is as good as its gameplay

The Divisions 2 open world is as good as its gameplay

Imagine walking through Washington DC, but instead of it being normal and civilized as it usually is, its abandon after a 6 month outbreak of a disease, killing a majority of the population and the remaining survivors are so desperate for survival that they’ll do anything to live. And all this takes place in a 1×1 recreation of a city we’re familiar with.


The first Division was criticized for its bland open world and gameplay, as a extremely accurate representation of New York City it didn’t feel “alive” to many people. But the Division 2 took all the problems of the first game and fixed it. By a lot.


The Division 2 is set six months after the events of the first Division in which you are part of a government agency called the Strategic Homeland Division (Or Division for short) who are activated when a crisis happens to assist in keeping peace. In the second game you are sent to Washington DC after rising threats of multiple gangs trying to take over what’s remaining of DC to try to rise in power. Your job is to assist Civilians and take back the city.


Not only does the Division 2 introduce a new setting and story, but there was a big improvement overall of the game mechanics. First off, the time to kill was reduced, the first game was met with criticism of how difficult it was to kill enemies because of how overpowered they are, The Division 2 reduces the enemies time to kill to something that feels realistic. The Enemy AI was also improved, now if you are taking cover, enemies will do whatever it takes to kill you such as trying to flank you or rush you. Every time you would die it would feel like your fault, and not the game mechanics. And the open world feels way more alive and satisfying to explore, The Division 2 Washington DC feels way more alive then the first games New York. Everything from the layout of the streets, to the buildings you see in Downtown and the layout of the city overall, is exactly the same as it is in the real Washington DC, making every time you see something minor that’s in DC and in the game will make you say, “Wow they really put that in?”


Massive Entertainment who developed the Division 2 obviously put in their hard work to make a full and complete product. From the get-go the game is jam packed full of content, with so much to do. A majority of games that come out these days such as Anthem barely have any content in them with promises from developers to add more in. The Division 2 does none of this and even with this full and complete game, the developers will still throughout time add new expansions and updates to keep you coming back for more. Even when you complete the main story, there is still a end game faction which takes back the city and is more powerful and advanced then what you previously encountered. Basically making you start all over again but with a different experience. If you are into PVP, the game has that too. From the Dark Zones which are areas that have the best loot but also have other players trying to get it, to a Deathmatch mode, the game has more than enough to keep you busy.


When you think about a detailed open world, games such as Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Angeles and Watch_Dogs 2 San Francisco comes to mind, but the Division 2’s Washington DC is on a whole different level. When you compare The Division 2 to Fallout 3 which also took place in Washington DC, it’s obvious The Division 2 knew what they were doing. Everything you see in the city has a backstory to it, from the Buses and Cars abandoned on the evacuation route out of the city, to the mass graves on the National Mall, the game has a eerie vibe of truth to it. Making it feel like this can actually happen and this will be how it looks like. Every single police car, bus, and even the taxi’s you see have the same exact livery that the Metro Bus, MPD, and the Taxi service have. Even the common cars you see in DC are in the game, such as the Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, and Toyota Camry to name a few. As these details seem small, these extremely small details add to the immersion and show the care the developers put into the game. But the most impressive detail is that the businesses and shops you see in downtown are also in the game. Where you would find a Starbucks in DC, you’ll find in the same exact spot in the game. Making it possible to pinpoint your favorite restaurant, store, and even your job in the game’s map.


So if you’re  looking for a fun open world, shooter game that has a lot of content in it, you wont be dissapointed with the Division 2. Even if your not into the 3rd person genre the game has an aspect of a lot of major genres of gaming such as many RPG elements, Survival, and PVP just to name a few.