There is no need to drop out


Have you ever tried to dropout of high school, because you are bored of being in school or have horrible grades. Well don’t feel bad, according to K12 about 6.5 percent of students dropout of high school. Is it a good idea to drop out? Well you aren’t as likely to have a good career so no you shouldn’t, well unless if you like to work as a cashier in some retail store. Staff of schools are worried about students dropping out because even if it is their decision to drop out teachers feel guilty because they can always prevent it by helping those students with bad grades by giving them more help with work, giving mandatory office hours, or just by talking to parents about the students grades.
Many students claim the reason they drop out is they need to get money for there families, they have failed to many grades, the use of drugs, becoming pregnant, or joining gangs and a very little percentage of students that dropout say that they drop out because of the school environment, ineffective teachers, residential instability, mental health issues, or getting kicked out of school according to K12.
When you dropout of high school those students are less likely to find a good job. For example students who drop out and do find a job most likely make 200 dollars less than people who did graduate from high school. Meaning that in a year a high school graduate can expect around 9617 dollars more than a high school dropout in a year, in 10 years the person who graduated would’ve made 100,000 more dollars than the student who dropped out. Also students that drop out face a higher unemployment rate setting a percent of 8, unlike the 5.4 percent that students that graduate face.
Teachers and parents can help the students by checking up on their grades, helping with work or even getting more work to do. Although it’s not something professors in college will tolerate. It will help the student by showing that it’s important to d work and turn it in on time. That will prepare people for college as well because in college the professor gives you one chance and then if you haven’t turned it in then it’s just a 0.
Some people might say it’s a good idea to drop out because you are failing school, but are you even trying to do good in school or even tried talking to your teachers there are many things you can do to avoid dropping out. Having a reason to drop out doesnt mean its good reason to there are many different things that you can do to make you not drop out like checking your grades more often or getting extra help after school. There should ever a reason why you should ever dropout.
People always go around saying they are going to drop out, but people don’t always take it seriously until the day that they don’t see them anymore. There should not be a reason why someone should dropout no matter the reason there is always a way to change that.