Is Fairy Tail A Good Anime To Watch?

Is Fairy Tail A Good Anime To Watch?

Deyvin Galo-Valle, Haynes News

Fairy tail is about a teenager named Natsu and the guild he joined when he was looking for a new place to feel comfortable. Last season Fairy tail ended it when Natsu went out to train by himself to get stronger and to be able to defeat Zeref. Fairy Tail is a good anime to watch because the plots that happens makes you feel like you’re a part of the story and the animation is very good and the animation is good and it makes you feel like if its real life.

Fairy tail also shows how creative Hiro Mashima is when he’s creating fairy tail and how much heart he put in it. Fairy tail is a mixture of fighting bonds and sadness because the anime several times it shows how big the guild’s bond are with each other. Fairy Tail constant seems to get in a bad situation and they have to fight against strong opponents that might kill them if they make a mistake. (spoiler alert) a sad episode was when it showed Natsu reuniting with his father but acnologia then killed him in front of Natsu.

Fairy tail has some amazing plot twists that makes the anime more exciting and it also makes you think about what the plot twist means. Some plot twists happens without the viewer even knowing it, if you want to know about every plot you have to pay very close attention to what happens and to the actions taken by the characters, (spoiler alert) for example Zeref revealed that Natsu died a long time ago and he revived him a long time ago and he told Igneel a good friend of Zeref to take care of Natsu and teach him dragon slayer magic so Natsu can kill Zeref. (spoiler alert) Another plot is when the first master revealed that she’s like Zeref (immortal) and she’s been alive for hundreds of years.

Fairy tail is mostly about a guild and the people a part in it being good friends fighting strong enemies and protecting what’s most important to them. (spoiler alert) For example Acnologia was threatening them by attacking them in Tenrou island and then to save themselves the all combined their power together and the first master used it to create a barrier around them so they can survive.

Fairy tail’s animation is amazing because in some anime’s the fights are good but they lack the animation, and Fairy tail is amazing with the animation because they exaggerate with the animation but that exaggeration makes the animation better and more exciting. (spoiler alert) For example When Natsu was fighting the god of war it showed how good the animators are and how dedicated Natsu is to protect his friends. (spoiler alert) Another example is when Acnologia attack Fairy tail when they were doing the test to get to rank S, the animation was very good because it showed how strong their friendship is and the powerful attack Acnologia did to try to kill them.

I think you should watch Fairy Tail because the animation and the plot twist is good and the anime shows how much hard work they put in it and you can see the animator’s blood and sweat from creating this anime and making it soo fun to watch and it makes you feel like you’re apart of the anime. This is why I think Fairy Tail is a good anime and you that’s why you should watch it.