Jordyn Woods has betrayed Kylie and the Kardashians

Mayra Hernandez, Entertainer Writer

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What a betrayal to both kardashians? Jordyn has been Kylie’s friend since they were 13 years old. Imagine finding out your best friend has being doing things with your sister’s boyfriend. Last week, it all blew up “Jordyn Woods with Tristan Thompson”, “What does Kylie say about the cheating”, “Tristan cheating with Kylie’s Best Friend Jordyn Woods”. The whole internet blew up when this rumor was said and confirmed. It was said that Jordyn was at Tristan’s house and they kissed.

Many kids, teenagers and adults have gone through this knowing that your elementary boyfriend or your boo or your significant other has cheated on you or done things with someone else and to make things worse someone that you know.

“That’s crazy, like i would never even think of that, to think my best friend would ever do that, i mean question is, why aren’t they attacking Tristan if he was also involved? He’s not innocent ”, Richarda Mckinney a Freshmen says, “I don’t know what that feels like and i don’t want to know because that would make me have even more trust issues”.

Sometimes people’s reaction to things like this can make people do things they don’t mean to but due to the hurt they feel they don’t know how to control their feelings. An article called, “What People Who Have Been Betrayed Want You to Know” says that when we go through betrayal we go through 12 things: 1. Deny the truth. 2. Experience loss. 3. Hurt like hell.4. Brew our anger. 5. Lose our illusions. 6. Forgive but not forget.7. Struggle to trust. 8. Experience everything differently. 9. Hold on to doubt. 10. Live in sadness. 11. Work to break the chain. 12. Finally, claim acceptance.”

Karen Ruiz another freshman says, “If that would happen to me i don’t know who i would be more pissed at, my boyfriend or my bestfriend because it’s a crazy thought to think they can be loyal and have your trust and mess up like that”, she adds, “even though it wasn’t kylie’s own boyfriend but it still must hurt cause that her sister her blood”

This topic can be very hurtful and sensitive for some that maybe have gone through this, or know a friend, siblings or family member who’s gone through this and causes you to just feel bad for the person and not want to be in their place.

“I would be very hurt, even though i know my best friend would not do this but im sure Kylie thought the same and then she hears that”, Edelmira Perez a 9th grader says, “and then they say sorry, what will that change? Will that remove the hurt they have caused? And, they just have to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and think what if that was them doing that to me not me doing it to them, you know?”.

At the moment Kylie has kept it MIA and has decided to stay to herself because that was her best friend and she is going through a lot. Jordyn keeps apologizing and Khloe is taking this very hard. Time will tell what Kylie will do, and if the Kardashians will forgive Jordyn for what she’s done.

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