Athletic vs Acting skills

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Athletic vs Acting skills

Brayan Ramos, Sports writer

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Now a days it looks like soccer players are getting lesson from Johnny depp than Ronaldinho, one of the best in the business. Every corner I turn I see players diving on the pitch.


And the best actor of the year goes out to…Neymar!


Just joking. But for real, players are diving like crazy out there, It’s making the game look uncompetitive because it reduces the sport to acting rather than athletic skills. All this adds up to not just getting punished for diving but including coaches and players getting punished for bad gestures on pitch and out.


What punishment and Why?


FIFA needs to Punish soccer players the right way. FIFA has punished players by getting fined or banned from important games. For example, last year in the Premier League, Dele Alli a player from England put the middle finger up to the ref when he was turned around but people caught it on camera and then got banned from games. Buy  FIFA only banned him for one game which is not a lot for a bad move he did in front of everyone. Instead, FIFA needs to think about increasing the amount of time to the ban because it was such a disrespectful gesture.


Only players? You’re lying, right?

Not only players the coaches too have done things that should not be allowed in sports. For example, Diego Simeone the Atletico Madrid coach was fined for inappropriate gestures to the fans but was never banned from games. In my opinion I feel like he should of been ban from games because it was a nasty and very disrespectful gestures to the fans and fans count as little kids to not just adults.

Only gestures you sure about that?

Players do not only get punished for bad inappropriate gestures, they get banned and even fined for diving and cheating in game. For example Neymar Jr. most famous Brazilian player right now became a meme in last year because of the World Cup. All this started when he kept diving inside the pitch when people tried to take the ball away from him, all this for fouls and even a lucky penalties to win the game. He kept diving in more than 3 games which caused FIFA to ban him for two plus games. But to be honest two games isn’t enough to fix his act. FIFA need to step up there game and could of even banned him for more than 3 games.

Some people argue that sometimes players have to dive to win the match. It’s all about winning nothing else. When it comes to this opinion I think that the game is about talent not diving to win. Show what you got or go home simple as that. You can’t be on the field acting like Leonardo Dicaprio instead be like Lebron James where working hard and skills are everything.

In conclusion, players need to stop making dumb choices on the field and need to grow up, if not it will lead to a bigger problem than just getting banned and fined.

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