U.S. Review.

Destiny Myers, Entertainment

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Would you be creeped if you tried to kill you… well if you’re creeped out by that, then you’re in for a spooky treat if you are going to see the new movie U.S. by Jordan Peele. In my opinion the movie was great but is also a very big confusion. There are some questions that i’m so desperate to ask the director myself.


In the movie there is a family of four, a mother, father, daughter, and son. The first thing that is confusing is when they show a flashback of the mother when she was little and she was at the beach, she wandered off into the house of mirrors and she found another little girl that looked exactly like her, which they called a shadow. When she saw the shadow that looked like her she ran for her life, but at the end of the movie they showed what really happened. They showed how the shadow that looked like her switched places with the real girl that wandered off, meaning that the shadow that looked exactly like her went out into the real world being exactly like the girl she switched places with. But later on in the movie it shows how every single person had a shadow just like the girl, the shadow of every person were killing their persons, but if the shadow of the girl was out in the real world and the real girl was locked in the shadow world why would she want to kill her shadow? That is why i’m confused, did she get used to becoming like a shadow? It was like she did not know she was the real person.

When the shadows came out to kill their reflections the family of four shadows came out as well, when the real family was asking what did they want and why are they here the real mother that was acting as a shadow was saying how they wanted to kill them because they took everything for granted, the mother posing as a shadow was saying how whenever something happens to real family, the shadows get the negative and opposite thing of them. What is very confusing to me about this particular part is if the shadow gets the negative and opposite thing of the their reflection then why did it happen to the real mother who was stuck in the shadow world all her life?

the movie was brilliant. Even though it was very confusing the movie was brilliant. I think the meaning was that you have to overcome the worst part of yourself. This compares to the other movie Jordan peele made GET OUT. I say this because both movies had strong powerful messages and was very confusing. I find the movie get out confusing because if they wanted black and white people to be segregated why did the white family want their body parts?

The last thing i’m so confused about is how when the shadow switched places with the real girl, at the end of the movie you can see that the son starts to notice how the mother he knew all his life was the shadow. He starts to notice when she kills one of their next door neighbors shadow, when she was killing it she was acting a little weird and as the son walks in he was surprised. My question is why didn’t he say something? If the shadows wanted to kill every single person that was in the real world, why didn’t she kill her family? But then I think to myself… she probably did not kill them because those were her kids, she loved them.

The movie U.S. was a brilliant movie by Jordan Peele, although the movie was very creepy, and very very confusing it’s worth watching. I just hope they’ll create a part two.


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