Criminal Minds new season did not meet expectations.


Criminal Minds is one of the best law enforcement, criminal shows that you can find. It is a show about a group of FBI agents that hunt that the worst of the worst criminals all around the United States. They are part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) so they study behavior and emotions to catch criminals. Although in the new season of Criminal Minds is not as good as the old ones because main actors left and the new ones can’t seem to fill their roles the right way.

FBI agent Derek Morgan, played by actor Shemar Moore, left the show. He is one of the most liked characters because of his sense of humor, how strong he is, and how he cares for everyone he loves. The actor they replaced him with, Luke Alvez, does not have a sense of humor and is always serious and not as charming as Morgan. It doesn’t have as much action and it is mainly focused on the law.

In the old seasons it would have the group go eat dinner after each episode. In the new season it doesn’t seem as if characters have a sense of family for each other. The characters are all dry, not dynamic. As a example, in the old seasons when a character named JJ(technical analyst) was getting married, they all attended a wedding and the men were the best men and the women in the BAU were the best women. Whenever someone is in trouble, other characters would go out their way to help them.

In addition to this characters left the show because they did not agree with the directors and need a change of scenery. For example one of the characters Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) was fired because he had a disagreement with the director about his character and the director got mad at him so he decided to fire him. That is one of the reasons that the other characters left because they didn’t believe that they had a say in the show and it was forced on to them to do it. In every episode the characters were forced to do the same action in each episode so it was getting old and they wanted something new. They wanted to spice things up in their acting career.


Anyone interested in action, law, and family shows, season 10-12 of Criminal Minds is the best show for you. It has all the action you want and its 20 episodes per season with 40 minutes per episode. It is a really good show to binge watch. I would not recommend the new season because it doesn’t have as much action and the ratings have not been as good as they used to be because of cast changes.