The Miraculous Netflix Series

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The Miraculous Netflix Series

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“Is it miraculous a kid show?” I’m pretty sure that’s a question you just asked yourself when you decided to read my newspaper. Miraculous isn’t just a show for kids, but only for teenagers or adults! It’s a show about two superheroes who are trying to defeat their enemy named “ Hawk Moth” from destroying their world every day. Their names are Lady Bug and Cat Noir.

In real life, Lady Bug actual name is Marinette Dupain- Cheng, She’s a teenage girl that goes to school, regular right? But she’s hiding something from her family, from everybody. Which is being a superhero, so that goes for Cat Noir, whose actual name is Adrien Agreste.

Kids, and probably teenagers and adults find this show interesting by how many problems be happening each day, leading to how Cat Noir and Ladybug could handle it, and trying not to blow their cover. Cat Noir and Ladybug don’t know that they’re friends in real life and goes to the same school together. They don’t even know who they are to each other in real life.
This show shows us the viewers, how much Ladybug and Cat Noir cares so much about saving their world, and they’ll continue fighting for it no matter what. “How does this relate to us?” by how many problems we are going through each day, each hour, each minute or each second. Problems could be based on people trying to steal from other people, from their stores, their homes, etc.

Ladybug and Cat Noir’s powers come from a little animal that they always carry around, they’re pretty much like humans. They talk, laugh, and eat. They always carry them around because never know that there can be problems happening, and the people need their two superheroes to come and save the world.

There’s this one episode about an “Evil Teacher” it’s pretty interesting because many students now in schools can relate, also teachers. Teachers if you reading this, don’t you ever feel stressed during class? and just feel like throwing everything? Well guess what? You guys are letting the bad vibes get you. It’s like saying, how Hawk Moth make bad villains each day for he can get Ladybug’s and Cat Noir’s powers. But, Ladybug and Cat Noir don’t let the villains get in the way, and that’s a problem we all face, which is letting the stressed get in the way of us. That’s when the bad emotions comes, which is being sad, angry, ending up getting depressed, having anxiety, etc. 

Now, there are only two seasons. But season 3 will soon come out!, the last episode was about all the villains that Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated? They came back, and Hawk Moth has decided to present himself to them. But this time Ladybug and Cat Noir wasn’t facing all the battles alone. But there was a backup. There were 3 new superheroes, their names are “Fox Miraculous, Turtle Miraculous, and Bee Miraculous.” They all fought as a team to defeat all the villains and tried to defeat Hawk Moth at once.

I recommend many of you guys to watch this show, it’s pretty interesting, and just entertaining in general. It’s not really only about two superheroes trying to save their world, but there are many lessons that are being given, and from those lessons, you can see we can relate so much with them.


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