Review of The Perfectionist

Kevon Johnson, Entertainment writer

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A town with full of lies, secrets, cheating scandals, manipulation and upper class brats. The High maintenance college Beacon Heights maybe a dream to others on the outside but on the inside cameras are everywhere watching your every move.

Based on the first episode the show starts off with Ava narrating it and gives us a little details of beacon heights. Later on the viewers see Alison getting a ride to Beacon Heights. As she appears she walks in the house checks everything out and seem suspicious but then her ex archmentist Mona surprises her with pie and a knife. Then she begins to talk about  their past and the college. In addition, Mona gives her details about Taylor Hotchkiss a girl who killed herself. Next morning Alison starts her job as a TA and she assigns an essay . The topic of the essay is how they relate to each other. Four students walk out at the same time Ava, Nolan, Dylan, and Caitlin. They appear like to be friends. Later on in the episode, we see that that is not the case. Nolan is blackmailing all of them except for Ava, his secret girlfriend. He makes Dylan do his homework and makes Caitlin pretend to be his girlfriend in public. Towards the end, all 3 “friends”, Ava, Dylan and Caitlin, discusses ways they would kill Nolan. Caitlin suggests pushing him off the roof to give him time to think about all the wrong doings he did in part life. At the end of the episode, it appears Nolan was pushed off the roof.

Each characters on the Perfectionist compares to one of the hit show pretty little liars. Ava is similar to Hanna they both have a passion for fashion. Caitlin is a mixture of Emily and Spencer all of them are intelligent, athletic students, Emily and Caitlin have a love for cooking. Dylan is similar to Aria they both have a love for music and writing . Nolan is a mixture of Alison and Noel Kahn all of them are manipulators and liars.

 In this paragraph I will discuss the pros and the cons of the show. The pro is how I love that is not based on high school characters however it is based in college students. It is cool how they connected it to pretty little liars by giving an update of each character.The cons are I do not like the change of the theme song. Although it does seem like it will be an amazing show.

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