“The Perfect Date” Review

Yajairi Aguilera, News Writer

Girls! Boys! Adults! Let’s be honest here. The movie “The Perfect Date” is a movie where all of us could relate to in so many ways.

If you guys haven’t heard or seen the movie “The Perfect Date”, well then here’s a review about it. The movie is all about a teenage boy named Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) who wants to go to this dream college but can’t why? he got the smartness, the potential, the grades! but the problem is the money. So he decided to make this fake app to offer his services as a fake date to make for college.  For him to be able to make enough money to pay for a Ivy League tuition that’ll help him a lot for him to get into his dream college, so he begins renting himself as a whole person that is being used for different occasions with different girls.

“You’re just relying on external factors for your happiness, waiting for people to accept you instead of accepting yourself.”

While Brook is letting girls choose his personality for the evening into their “perfect date” he becomes a salsa dancer, an art history major, a jerk, a prep, a Latin actor, etc. He realizes while he was doing all of that, that he didn’t even know who himself was. Putting that aside for a sec, I’m pretty us teenagers or adults we go through many struggles like that in our lives. Where we fall in love at some point or start liking so much that we do anything we can to get their attention, and to make them feel the same way for you too.

“For me? a perfect date is just being there with the person you love. Not mattering where you guys are at, how fancy it has to be. If we can just lay down on a couch, watch movies all night, and get fat together great! As long as I’m with her/him then I’m good.” A sophomore in E.L Haynes.

“A perfect date is all about sharing a great time with that person, it doesn’t how much time you spent with the person even if it’s based on a few hours, minutes or seconds as long as you get to see the person you want, and it’s very special to you. You’ll see that the time didn’t matter.” A student who doesn’t attend to E.L Haynes. ”

“A perfect date for me will be at a beach, having a picnic, and just having a full conversation.”

“My perfect date would be a nice dinner, going for a walk at a park after, get ice cream and then end it by watching the sunrise.”

Many people have different ways of seeing how they want their perfect date to be. Some people don’t believe in perfect dates. But one thing that everybody agrees to, that it should be with someone who is very special to you, and have a great experience from it.