One Punch Man season 2 is an amazing and hilarious anime

May 17, 2019

One Punch Man is an anime series about a man, (Saitama), who can defeat anyone with only one punch. The first season came out on October 4, 2015 and ended with 12 amazing episodes that included memorable and funny battles. The success of the first season was surprising and the audience wanted more, but we did not see another season until April 9 of this year. Fans are loving the new season and can’t wait to see where Saitama’s strength will lead him. The action in One Punch Man includes lots of humor, as the show parodies other anime series.

The first season of One Punch Man introduced the main character Saitama, and it showed him as a failed businessman. A crab-man fought against him and made him remember his childhood dream of becoming a hero. When he defeats the crab-man, Saitama trains himself until he becomes bald, losing his hair from his intense training. Later on, we are introduced to Genos, Saitama’s student, the Speed-o-Sound Sonic, who Saitama punches in the groin turning him into Saitama’s enemy, and the Heroes Association, a ranked group of semi-heroes that fight with Saitama.

At the end of the first season, a one-eyed alien named Boros came to Earth to destroy the planet. Saitama fought him, although he did not put in his full effort, holding back his punches. In the end, Boros is defeated.

One Punch Man’s second season premiered on April 9, with five new episodes so far. There’s an Heroes Association in both season that’s about an association that anyone can join and become a hero. Saitama decided to join the hero’s association because he wanted to get recognized by the people for his accomplishments.The ranking of the hero’s association is class S is the highest and class C is the lowest, Saitama is a class B hero while Genos is a class S hero because Genos is a cyborg and can fly,use fire,and run really fast but Saitama strength is beyond of Genos but the heroes association doesn’t notice that.

One punch man season one ended with a bang, with saitama beating an overpower alien lord who is the dominator of the universe. The fight was epic, exciting, and funny. The battle started off by saitama punching punching boros and destroying his armor, and it just figures that the armor just was holding back his true power. When Boros unleashed his true power the match started looking like a one sided battle, then Boros hit Saitama to the moon. Saitama just jumps right back to earth and when he does he starts getting serious and that when the true fight begins. Saitama uses consecutive normal punches and completely destroys his body the only thing you can see from it is the Boros blood. Boro quickly regenerates his Body and acts like nothing happens.

Then both of the overpower warriors start getting serious and Saitama uses his ultimate serious serious move called the serious punch, while Boros is using his own ultimate move and when he uses it, it drains his own life force, the move is some kind of energy blast. When the two titans collided it made the clouds separate because of the blast and the ship the were on started to fall because of the force from the attack. Boros moments later was on the ground looking like a old man. Boros realizes he has lost and that it was a one sided battle because saitama was holding back the whole match.

The new season adds on to the memorising and funny fights and moments.

The new season is spectacular because the animation and the fighting scenes are amazing! Some examples are when saitama was dreaming of him fighting the underworlders, another one is the fight of Boros and Saima, etc… I highly recommend watching this anime because It’s fun to watch, it has good animation and most of all the fights are funny and amazing.

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